If you’re looking for the 10 best Spanish movies with English subtitles, you’ve come to the right place. These films will help you practice your Spanish while keeping you entertained. We have chosen from a range of filmmakers and styles to bring you’re a diverse array of Spanish-language cinematic offerings.

  1. "The Headless Woman." Despite the title, which makes it sound like a brutal horror film, “The Headless Woman is actually a sophisticated art film from the acclaimed Argentinean director Lucrecia Martel. One of our favorite all around films in recent years, it tops our list of the best Spanish movies with English subtitles.

  2. "All About My Mother." Pedro Almodovar is Spain’s most famous director. This is our favorite film by him, a wild sex comedy that only someone as forward thinking as Almodovar could make!

  3. "Roma." An older writer reminisces on his youth in Argentina and his relationship with his mother, Roma. This heart-wrenching drama totally deserves a spot on any compilation of the best Spanish movies with English subtitles.

  4. "Sin Nombre." This drama explores the lives of young violent gang members near the Mexican border. It garnered numerous awards at festivals all over the world upon its release in 2009.

  5. "The Holy Girl." This is the second film that Lucrecia Martel has on our list of the best Spanish movies with English subtitles, and deservedly so. She is simply one of Argentina’s best directors at the moment.

  6. "Y Tu Mama Tambien." Two good friends go on a wild adventure – and end up discovering another side of themselves in the process. This Mexican movie shocked audiences when it first came out. Find out why!

  7. "No Pain, No Gain." This movie shows that being a 16-year-old boy is really the same, no matter where you grow up. It was directed by Víctor García León.

  8. "Daniel and Ana." Daniel and Ana are brother and sister and best friends. When the two of them are kidnapped, they are forced to undergo a traumatic experience that will raise perilous questions for both of them.

  9. "Last Images of the Shipwreck." An insurance salesman rescues a young woman from a suicide attempt. He surprisingly becomes very involved with her life.

  10. "Sexy Killer." This cheesy but entertaining Spanish thriller is about a beautiful woman who turns out to have an appetite that rivals Hannibal Lecter’s in sickness. And wait till the zombies appear. “Sexy Killer” rounds out our list of the best Spanish movies with English subtitles.