The 10 best Spanish movie stars have proven their talents on both continents. Often, these stars pushed their way into film after showing their skills on the stage or television.

  1. Javier Bardem. While perhaps relatively new to American cinema, Bardem is a member of a family of actors and has been staring in films since he was six-years old. In “No Country for Old Men” Bardem showed his skills at portraying a menacing man, while in “Love in the Time of Cholera” he embodied one of the most romantic men of all time.

  2. Antonio Banderas. Banderas has entertained audiences for decades. The actor has appeared in almost every film genre, showing his dancing skills in “Evita”, his evil side in “Desperado”, his humorous side in “Shrek” and his adventurous side in “Zorro”. Banderas' versatility makes him one of the best Spanish actors of all time.

  3. Penelope Cruz. This brunette never seems to choose a bad film. Appearing in “Blow”, “Woman on Top” and “All the Pretty Horses”, Cruz’s melodious accent has enraptured audiences for over a decade. Cruz is one of the best Spanish actresses.

  4. Benicio del Toro. While it was his role in “Traffic” that garnered del Toro attention, he also managed to steal the scene in “Snatch”, “Fear and Loathing in Los Vegas”, “21 Grams” and “Things we Lost in the Fire”. Del Toro is an amazing actor who always manages to add an unexpected element to every role, for that he is one of the best Spanish movie stars.

  5. Juan Diego Botto. This actor might not be recognized by name, but his photo certainly is. Not only do Botto’s good looks make women swoon, but his skills are so widely recognized that they resulted in him playing the leading role in a film by John Malkovich.

  6. Manuel Mora Morales. This Spanish actor graces not only films but also on the famous television series NYPD Blue. Morales appeared in “La Bamba”, which told the tale of the shortened life of Ritchie Valens. He also appeared in “Fame”, “Resurrection Boulevard” and “Death in Granada”.

  7. Carmen Machi. This actress has only recently broken into American film, but it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. She appeared in the famous film “Volver” with Penelope Cruz.

  8. Belen Fabra. This Spanish actress was awarded for her role in “Diary of a Nymphomaniac”. She made the transition from television in 2007, and ever since then has taken the Spanish and American movie world by storm.

  9. Natalia Estrada. This Spanish actress not only graces film, but can do so with a professional dance in her steps. Trained as a dancer, Estrada is a beauty that many can’t help but stare at. She appeared in “The Cyclone” and “Ole”, and in both those films showed that her talent runs much deeper than her skin.

  10. Sergi Lopes. Although Lopes commonly assumes the role of the threatening, violent character, he also has just as much experience in comedies. Lopes appeared in “Dirty Pretty Things” and “Pan’s Labyrinth.” During his decade-long career, Lopes has proved himself as one of the greatest Spanish movie stars alive.