10 Best Space Documentaries

Monday, December 6 by Audrey Johnson
  • "For All Mankind." A documentary of the Apollo mission, this movie’s footage actually comes from the videos shot by the individuals on the flight. The film’s focus, though, is on the individuals and not space itself. The human-focus of this documentary makes it one of the best about space.
  • "The Elegant Universe." This space documentary is so popular because it makes highly-scientific theories more understandable. The main question asked in this film is whether the study of science should be scientific or philosophical. For making viewers question their beliefs about space, "The Elegant Universe" is one of the best space documentaries.
  • "Ascent of Man." A purely scientific analysis of the evolution of mankind from when we first walked upright to the creation of computers, the "Ascent of Man" includes analysis of how space impacts humanity. Wonderful for its academic viewpoint, the film is one of the best documentaries about space.
  • "When We Left the Earth: The NASA Missions." This documentary focuses on the development of the space program. Interviews with astronauts detail the experience of being on a flight. Videos of in-flight action make this movie fascinating and one of the best space documentaries.   
  • "In the Shadow of the Moon." This film takes viewers on the walk that the astronauts and scientists that accepted former President Kennedy’s challenge to reach the moon. The pitfalls and successes of the team are included. Interviews with former astronauts make this movie fascinating. "In the Shadow of the Moon" is a great space documentary because of its demonstration of the nation’s focus on a single idea.
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