Whether you liked the movie or not the 10 best soundtracks of 2008 will remain with you for years to come. When you hear it playing over the radio you are once again transported to that pivotal moment, where something inside you was briefly touched.

  1. “Mamma Mia” was one of the largest box office earners of the year and as a musical it featured a huge soundtrack of 22 “ABBA”hits. “ABBA” might be an acquired taste, but the excellent cast brought each number to life with dramatic flair and intuitive nuances. The great script built a strong foundation for the sequence of the music. A definite top notch contender for a 10 best soundtracks of 2008.

  2. “Juno” was a surprise success both in the movie department and the soundtrack. Most of the songs are by former “Moldy Peaches” member, Kimya Dawson, with a few additions by the likes of “Sonic Youth,” “Cat Power” and “Belle and Sebastian.” “My Rollercoaster” by Kimya Dawson and “Sea of Love” by “Cat Power” are two songs that stand out in this soundtrack.

  3. “The Dark Knight” soundtrack makes it as one of the 10 best soundtracks of 2008 and Warner Brothers quickly recognized it and they will be releasing the soundtrack in four different editions in July 2012. The dark and gloomy soundtrack is a perfect reflection of the main character’s mindset and exploits. The top three tracks on this soundtrack are definitely “Why So Serious,” “A Dark Knight” and “Blood on My Hands” by composers Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard.

  4. “Kung Fu Panda” is yet another accomplishment for Hans Zimmer for 2008. The soundtrack features 17 tracks, of which 16 were produced by Hans Zimmer and one by artist Cee-Lo Green. Green’s track is titled “Kung F Fighting Featuring Jack Black.” The movie grossed more than $631 million worldwide.

  5. “Jumper” has a fast paced and enthralling soundtrack, mimicking the speed and theme of the movie extremely well. John Powell’s music is outshone by the likes of “Charlatans UK,” “Tragically Hip,” “Saliva,” “Fray,” “The Hives” and “Qemists.” The quality and variety of this soundtrack place it on the 10 best soundtracks of 2008.

  6. “Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist” showcases a brilliant soundtrack featuring 40 great songs and as many great artists. These include “You Sexy Thing” by “Hot Chocolate,” “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me” by Dusty Springfield and “Why” by Collin Kiddy. Although only 15 of the songs were featured on the official album, the total compilation makes it one of the 10 best soundtracks of 2008.

  7. "Twilight" has a fantastic soundtrack with amazing variety, placing it firmly on the 10 best soundtracks of 2008 list. From Claude Debussy’s “Claire de Lune” to “La Travolta” by the “Royal Philharmonic Orchestra,” right down to “Tremble for My Beloved” by “Collective Soul,” this soundtrack will mesmerize you even if you don’t have the movie playing.

  8. "Highschool Musical 3" has one of the 10 best soundtracks of 2008 which was skillfully overseen by musical director, Tanya Noel Hill. The cast performs six of the 23 songs on the soundtrack. Other artists that contribute to this extremely popular soundtrack include Vanessa Hudgens, Jamie Houston, 78violet (formerly known as Aly & AJ) and Rob Walker.

  9. "Hancock" is a hip hopping and beat bopping soundtrack that entices you to tap to the beat during the movie. This feel-good compilation include songs like ”Tippie-Toes” by “Meters,” “Wasted Days and Wasted Nights” by Freddy Fender and “Colors” by Ice-T. As one of the 10 best soundtracks of 2008, this soundtrack will have you dancing and jiggling, privately doing your own superhero poses when no one is watching.

  10. "Sex and the City" makes the 10 best soundtracks of 2008 list as a special one for the ladies. Music to dance, cry, laugh and reflect on, this is a soundtrack that all ladies should have. Featuring great songs like “Labels or Love” by Fergie, “How Can You Mend a Broken Heart” by Al Green, “All Dressed in Love” by Jennifer Hudson and “2Nite” by Janet Jackson, this is a mood setter for all occasions.