These 10 best soap opera actresses are daytime's hottest vixens. They know how to cat fight, steal a man and look good doing it. You've probabl taken a peak while your wife indulged herself in her daily soap opera at one these soap opera beauties. The actresses on daytime soaps know how to say a line or two. Many have gone on to win daytime's most coveted Emmy. Here's a list of 10 soap opera actresses and their characters.

  1. Susan Lucci: This actress has been a Pine Valley citizen for decades. She began her career on "All My Children" in 1970. She's stole men, modeled, dealt with family abuse and other things only a soap heroine can live through. After years of being snubbed for the Daytime Emmy, Lucci finally got that too. Getting older hasn't stopped  "A la Kane" from doing her thing. Susan Lucci continues to keep Erica Kane a part of the action.

  2. Jennifer Bassey: Ms. Bassey swept into "All My Children" in 1983. She wasn't always an upstanding citizen. Her character Marian Colby has had her share of disturbing the peace. She even battled her own daughter, Liza, when she "accidently" slept with her man. In 2009, she shot the wrong person after attempting to kill Erica Kane's daughter Kendall. Bassey earned her two Soap Opera Digest Awards.

  3. Erica Slezak: Ms. Slezak is an Emmy-winning soap actress on "One Life to Live". For years she's played the one character that can do no wrong. She's been kidnapped, visited heaven and molested by her evil father. Slezak's Victoria character is one to stick around for many more years to come. Someone's got to keep a tight reign on her wayward daughters.

  4. Robin Strasser: Robin Strasser is a timeless beauty that age can't touch. Ms. Strasser's character Dorian Lord has been enemies with Slezak's Victorica for decades. Although long-time enemies, they always got each other's back when a fight is coming. Strasser isn't as vicious as her character in real life. She's been very active in a number of foundations and fundraisers.

  5. Mary Beth Evans: Ms. Evans is the other half of the super couple "Patch and Kayla". She went on to star on other soaps, but recently returned to "Days of Our Lives" as Kayla. She has won Soap Digest Awards and been nominated for a Daytime Emmy. Don't expect Ms. Evans to retire anytime soon.

  6. Genie Francis: Almost the entire world knows Ms. Francis as part of the super couple, "Luke and Laura". This lady began on "General Hospital" at a very young age. She's been kidnapped and currently suffers from a mental illness. When she returns to Port Charles for her man Luke, fire works are going to explode.

  7. Deidre Hall: Hall's character on "Days of Our Lives" has been a family matriarch, demon and been presumed dead. Ms. Hall's ability to put her heart into her lines is legendary. She is a multiple-Emmy winner for daytime drama. Whatever she decides to do, her fans will always be there to support her.

  8. Lauralee Bell: Bell originated her "Young and the Restless" character Cricket Blair in 1983. Although she's left and come back to this soap opera, she's still a top actress in daytime. Bell also models and co-owns a women's boutique in California.

  9. Tracey E. Bregman: Bregman has crossed soaps with her character Lauren throughout the years. Whether Ms. Bregman is breaking hearts in Genoa City or running a business on "The Bold and the Beautiful", she's put Lauren on the map.

  10. Kim Zimmer: Zimmer plays her character Reva Shayne with a vengeance. Reva's hit people with her car, attempted murder and committed all sorts of bad crimes. She's also been the target of false accusations, crimes and other things not her fault.  However, Ms. Zimmer makes Reva bounce back from even the most unforgiving crimes.