If you're into daytime drama, then you're probably familiar with these 10 best soap opera actors. Soap operas have been an escape for numerous women and some men. Soap opera actors are usually the main leading man who run into all sorts of dramatic scenes. They may even have earned a Daytime Emmy or nomination in their careers as soap actors.

  1. Maurice Bernard: Bernard is best known for playing the much-loved mobster Sonny Corinthos. This actor began his stint on "General Hospital" in the early 90s. He's a magnet for all types of women who love to walk on the wild side. Even smart district attorneys who are out to get him for his crimes. Unlike his character, Bernard is down to earth and laid back. Sonny on the other hand, is not.

  2. Bradford Anderson: This guy got his soap opera start on "General Hospital" as Damien Spinelli. He plays a brilliant nerd with a heart of gold. Love eluded him when he first came to Port Charles, but he's recently been lucky in love with the sexy Maxie Jones.

  3. Steve Burton: Steve Burton has been a part of "General Hospital" as Jason Morgan for a number of years. Before he became Sonny's mob enforcer, he was a rich kid from the Quartermaine family. His black sheep brother AJ, caused an accident that not only wiped out his memory, changed his way of living. His sidekick, Damien Spinelli, calls him "Stone Cold". This affectionate nickname is not given without reason. Don't mess with Morgan when he's protecting his loved ones.

  4. Rick Hearst: Hearst stars as a scoundrel on "The Bold and the Beautiful". He made his way to Port Charles as Sonny Corinthos' maniacal brother Rick Lansing. He's not just a pretty face. Rick Hearst won his first Emmy in 1991 playing a memorable role on "The Guiding Light". He went on to win several other times for his ability to make you laugh, hate and pity him.

  5. Vincent Irizarry: This actor can make you hate his character David Hayward with a passion. Irizarry hit "All My Children" in the late 90s like a tornado. His character is often evil and out to get everybody around him. This actor has also appeared on other soaps. He's been on "Santa Barbara" and "The Guiding Light".

  6. Walt Willey: Willey plays a love stricken district attorney, Jackson Montgomery, on "All My Children". He's been in love with Erica Kane for decades. His character never seems to stray from what is righteous and good.

  7. Michael Park: Park's character Jack Snyder is a ladies man on "As the World Turns". He's been in love with a number of soap opera vixens, including Maura West's Carly character. Park took architecture in college. That would've cheated soap fans out of seeing this stud on "As the World Turns".

  8. Anthony Geary: Geary plays Luke Spencer, second half of the super couple "Luke and Laura". This actor is one of the best in daytime. He spends much of his time perfecting his acting skills as Luke. What started out as a 13-week gig, turned into one of daytime's most loved characters and soap opera actors. Aging does nothing to his acting skills. Plan on seeing Geary on General Hospital for a long time to come.

  9. Eric Braeden: Braeden is a seasoned soap star on "The Young and the Restless". He's played the field, planned corporate takeovers and fathered several kids. His character Victor Newman isn't your typical business tycoon. This multiple-Emmy winner is here to stay.

  10. Peter Bergman: Victor's nemeiss on more than one occasion is Bergman's Jack Abbot. Jack is a playboy who just can't help himself on "The Young and the Restless". As one of daytime's favorite bad boys, Bergman's acting skills keep you rooting and hating Jack.