The 10 best sleepaway camp movies are fun, lighthearted and entertaining. Each of these movies depict the magic of a sleepaway camp that begins with that first summer stay and lasts a lifetime.

  1. "Camp Nowhere." To avoid being forced to attend summer camps they hate, a group of kids make up a camp, run by none other than Christopher Lloyd. The result of their deception is their growing-up. “Camp Nowhere” is a great sleepaway camp movie.

  2. "Indian Summer." Following adults as they return to their childhood sleepaway camp, this movie touches on what it means to be a child and the childhood memories that shape adults. “Indian Summer” is a sweet, poignant film about the importance of sleepaway camp.

  3. "Little Darlings." This hilariously fun movie follows a set of twins as they struggle to beat each other to lose their virginity during sleepaway camp. While perhaps not best for youngsters, adults are certain to find this movie one of the ten best sleepaway camp movies.

  4. "The Original Parent Trap." The 1961 version of this movie is just sweet enough without giving viewers a toothache. The comedy still hits home, making the movie too much fun to turn away from. “Parent Trap” is one of the greatest sleepaway movies of all time.

  5. "The Parent Trap – Remake." While perhaps Lindsey Lohan does not do as good of a job in this remake of the classic sleepaway movie, it’s still a good film. The updated movie shows the best and worst of sleepaway camp with a humor understandable by viewers of all ages.

  6. "Heavyweights." In this hilarious sleepaway movie, overweight campers are sent away to lose weight. But when they’ve had enough of the psychotic instructor, they decide to get their revenge. “Heavyweights” is a funny movie for any aged individual, and one of the best sleepaway camp movies.

  7. "Sleepaway Camp." The horror film and its sequels have developed quite a cult following. While outdated by today’s standards, in its time, “Sleepaway Camp” was a hit. The film is worth watching for its originality.

  8. "Wet Hot American Summer." There’s no shortage of nudity or humor in this 80’s film. With a cast of characters many of whom still grace the screen today, “Wet Hot American Summer” is a classic sleepaway vamp film.

  9. "Adams Family Values." Sending Wednesday and Pugsley Adams to sleepaway camp cannot be anything but entertaining. The scene where campers perform for their parents is so funny you’ll likely want to watch it twice. While not entirely about sleepaway camp, “Adams Family Values” is a hilarious sleepaway camp movie.

  10. "Dirty Dancing." While the days of family sleepaway camps are long gone, this movie is timeless. “Dirty Dancing” is a film that truly has it all: romance, danger and good old fashioned family angst. It is undoubtedly one of the best sleepaway camp films of all time.