People generally remember sitcoms for the humorous antics of the characters in the show, but the ten best sitcom them songs ever are as well loved as the shows that they accompanied. Good sitcom theme songs suit the show that is attached to them which means they are usually fun filled catchy tunes rather than boring pieces of music. Some theme songs have even become big hits and are now still played on the radio long after the show that the music was written for has landed on the sitcom scrap heap. Here are the ten best sitcom theme songs ever.

  1. "Friends." This show was about the ups and downs of a group of 30-something-year-olds who could never seem to quite settle down. Luckily, as the theme song says, they knew that their friends would "be there." This is the best sitcom theme song ever because it probably surpassed the popularity of the show. 

  2. "Cheers." Everybody likes to show up in a bar where "everybody knows your name," and you can enjoy the benefit of quick service without having to wrestle your way through the crowds of drinkers. "Cheers," was one of the best sitcoms ever so it's only fitting that it has one of the ten best sitcom theme songs ever. 

  3. "Frazier." This was a spin off from "Cheers," and it needed to have a pretty good sitcom theme song to compete with the original. In this case, the star of the show, Kelsey Grammar was also the singer and although he did not have a great voice it was a good song. 

  4. "Third Rock From The Sun." John Lithgow and friends were brilliant as the hilarious group of aliens trying to live a normal life on Earth in this 90s comedy show. Each episode began with a wacky, classic rock song that perfectly suited the fun show. 

  5. "One Foot in the Grave." One of the best sitcom theme shows ever was sung by Monty Python star Eric Idle to footage of a turtle meandering across a lawn. This popular BBC show sitcom is now a frequent feature on PBS and it's worth watching for the song if nothing else. 

  6. "Are You being Served?" This iconic BBC show is as popular in the U.S. as it is in England. The opening music is instantly recognizable for anyone who has ever owned a TV and it is one of those songs that just gets stuck in your head. 

  7. "Scrubs." This show was intended to fill the void left by "Friends" on NBC, and although it didn't make quite the same splash as the show it replaced, it did have one of the ten best sitcom them songs ever. Sadly a good theme song was not enough to get the show into the comedy hall of fame. 

  8. "Laverne and Shirley." This show had one of the best sitcom theme songs ever. The footage of the bottling factory is great, as are the hair curlers in the opening sequence.

  9. "The Partridge Family." When you have a show about a musical family you must also have one of the ten best sitcom theme songs ever, and the "Partridge Family," did not disappoint.

  10. "The Monkees." Given that the Monkees were a band, it is no surprise that the theme song for their show was one of the ten best sitcom theme songs ever. Aside from the cool lyrics, it also had some very funny footage of the band,