There’s something about the proper English way that makes the 10 best sexy English movies all the more enticing. In a country with such a rich history, you’ll also find a lot of drama and that includes sexual drama. Take a look through the list below for the finest sexy hits of England. 

  1. “Excalibur.” In this 1981 classic, engross yourself in the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. The scenes of Arthur’s love affair with Guinevere are undoubtedly sexy and will have your mouth watering.

  2. “King Arthur.” This 2004 version of the historical tale stars Keira Knightley as Guinevere. The movie promises an even steamier sexual encounter between her and Arthur, played by Clive Owen.

  3. “Braveheart.” The tension of war can often translate into sexual excitement. This is what happens between Wallace, the main character of this classic, and his love interest, Princess Isabelle of France.

  4. “The Full Monty.” Who could forget the sexy unemployed, middle-aged, British men who decide to striptease for money? They decide to go “the full monty,” which is British slang for stripping all of your clothes.

  5. "Love Actually.” There are various sexy moments in this feel-good romantic comedy set in London, England. One of the many couples in this star-filled cast meet on a set as stand-ins for sex scenes.

  6. “The Holiday.” Starring Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet, this movie is another romantic comedy about two women who temporarily trade homes and lives. Cameron Diaz is especially sexy in her encounters with Jude Law in the British countryside.

  7. “Nine Songs.” Highly regarded as the most sexually explicit British film in history, this film can almost be classified as porn. It features genuine oral sex, ejaculation, and a lot of talking dirty.

  8. “Intimacy.” Mark Rylance stars in this international production. The plot follows his casual and forbidden sexual relationship with a random stranger. Be sure to catch the intensity of the final sex scene when they meet for the very last time.

  9. “Naked.” You won’t want to miss the opening scenes of this English film. The main character, played by David Thewlis, rapes a married woman in an alley of Manchester.

  10. “Kill Kil Faster Faster.” Lisa Ray engages in explicit sex in this British thriller. The hot Bollywood beauty makes no apologies for baring all in English theatres.