Let your anime geek and love for naked ladies combine with the 10 best sexy anime movies. Just like a lot of other anime movies out there, the ten best sexy anime movies have more than their fair share of action, blood, monsters and gore. But unlike some of their anime brethren the ten best sexy anime movies sweeten the pot with racktacular anime babes.

“Perfect Blue” (1998) After retiring from a life as a pop princess to become an actress, Mima is stalked by a crazed fan. Being a captivating thriller with lots of sex and some graphic violence is why this is made the list of ten best sexy anime movies.

“Rosario + Vampire” (2008) If you want a anime that is cute, sexy and funny, this sexy series is for you. When a normal high school student gets on the wrong bus she winds up at a school for monsters. Non-stop boobs and laughter is why this is one of the ten best sexy anime movies.

“Queen’s Blade” (2009) This sexy anime series is all about sword fights and hot anime chicks. A group of warriors gather for a battle to see who will be the next queen. The only rule being that murder is allowed.

“Chobits” (2002) This movie made the list of the ten best sexy anime movies because it is cute, sexy and funny. A young man who longs to own a Persocon--a personal computer in the shape of a shapely female android--gets his wish when he finds one who can think for herself.

“Speed Grapher” (2005) If you like your anime full of violence and kinky sex, this classic anime series is a dream come true. When he stumbles upon an underground sex club an photographer has to use he newly found powers to save himself and protect a sex goddess.

“Paprika” (2006) An uptight Scientist slips in and out of sexy time as she morphs into her alter ego to look hot and save the world in this one of the ten best sexy anime movies.

“Witchblade” (2006) The ultimate in girl power for a lot a reasons this sexy anime film follows a single mother and her gigantic boobs as she become a reluctant hero.

“Kemonozume” (2006) Yes, this one of the ten best sexy anime movies is mostly about cannibalistic beasts that love nothing more than to eat humans. But in between the monster slayings they manage to work in plenty of sexy time, as one of the flesh eating monsters (shokujinki) falls in love with a monster hunter.

“Ichi the Killer-Animated” (2002) In this animated prequel to the live action gangster comedy, this one of the ten best sexy anime movies shows how Ichi went from super shy guy to a sex crazed mad man.

“Futari Ecchi” (2002) If you want an anime that you can actually get your chick to watch with you, this one of the ten best sexy anime movies is what you need. It’s a sweet love story for her and plenty of sexy anime babes for you, a nice prerequisite for sexy time later.

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