Instead of Viagra, try this list of 10 best sexual scenes in movies. Getting in the mood or setting the mood for date night isn't hard with the right movie. And unlike taking Viagra, watching these flicks won't leave you those pesky side effects—you know, like loss of vision or hearing. Here's our list of scenes to rev up your engine:

  1. "Brown Bunny" - The rest of the movie wasn't all that interesting (in our humble opinion), but who can forget Chloe Sevigny going down on Vincent Gallo? Is it really acting if you're actually giving a blowjob outside of a porn film? Who cares! It's definitely one of those movie moments you won't soon forget.

  2. "Sex Lies and Videotape" - "I've never really been that much into sex." Oh, Andie McDowell ... famous last words. That scene when Andie's character Ann turns the video camera on Graham (James Spader)? That's smoking hot. Turn it on and get turned on. 

  3. "Risky Business" - It's a class for a reason—this 1983 film boasts one of the most sensual sex scenes in movie history. Who wouldn't want to have Lana the hot hooker (Rebecca DeMornay) on a dark Chicago El train in the middle of the night while Phil Collins' In the Air Tonight blares around you? Oh sure, you have to forget about the cesspool of germy nastiness that would necessitate a "Silkwood" shower afterwards (decidedly not sexy), but that's okay.

  4. "Wild at Heart" - Director David Lynch holds a special place in our hearts, particularly for pairing pairing Laura Dern and Nicholas Cage (before he started making bad action movies) in this 1990 sex fest. There are several sex scenes that occur in the hotel room, with Sailor and Lula (Dern and Cage) going at it in every conceivable position. 

  5. "A History of Violence" - Viggo Mortensen's character, Tom, getting it on with Edie, Maria Bello's character, on the stairs after their fight is steamy. It's raw and rough, and you'll be fanning yourself by the end of it. This 2005 film includes more than one sexy scene, but this one is a primer for how to make up after an argument—if you're into a little slapping.

  6. "Basic Instinct" - No, we're not going to wax poetic about Sharon Stone's exposing leg-crossing scene back in 1992. Rather, it's when Michael Douglas bends Jeanne Tripplehorne (Nick and Beth) over the chair in her living room and goes at it that gets our libido revved. It's passionate and hot.

  7. "Wild Things" - Who hasn't had a sex dream involving Neve Campbell and Denise Richards? A little bit of gir fighting, a little bit of violent pool shenanigans and then some hot, slick, lesbian make up sexiness comprises the hottest scene in this 1998 film. It's a good thing, too—it makes up for the rest of the movie, which is not that great.

  8. "Like Water for Chocolate" - Serve quail in rose petal sauce and stand back! There's heaving bosoms and lascivious glances at the dinner table, not to mention one of the characters escaping the sexual tension by heading to the outhouse, where her body heat sets the building on fire. Oh, and then she rides away naked, going at it with a soldier on a horse. That's some powerful quail and one sexy scene in this 1992 film.

  9. "Reckless" - A movie that's often forgotten about, this 1984 movie pairs Aidan Quinn and Darryl Hannah at high school kids from opposite sides of the tracks, so to speak. The plot may have been done to death, but the absolutely scorching hot sex scene in the high school pool is enough to warrant spontaneous combustion.

  10. "Team America: World Police" - This 2004 flick contains one of the most hilarious sexual scenes ever—two plastic marionettes seeming to run through Kama Sutra with lots of stamina. There's something weirdly sexy about being poked in the eye after doing The Piledriver.