Sex in cinema just keeps getting better and better as evidenced by these 10 best sex movie scenes of 2010. Whether you’re into passionate lovemaking, nonconsensual sex, or slapstick sexual episodes, there’s a movie for you. Take a read through and choose your favorite. 

  1. “hot tub time machine.” Four friends take advantage of hot tub time machine to head back to the eighties. The hot tub, well-known as a setting for sexual romps, hints at the multitude of sex throughout the movie in a bathtub, in a threesome with two guys, and whatever else you may imagine.

  2. “Splice.” Two scientists discover how to design new beings by splicing together DNA of different organisms and now they’re going to try it with human DNA. The sexual scenes of this science-fiction thriller are intense and complete with a loud climax by a human hybrid and a powerful rape scene.

  3. “The Social Network.” In this tale of the founders of Facebook, sexual content fills your screen to set the college scene. At various college parties, many of the main characters engage in casual sex.

  4. “Red White & Blue.” The main character of this thriller is a detached female who continually has one-night stands with random men. When she finally meets a man who seems to value her for more than sex, she learns to open up, but a man from her past will revisit her life with drastic consequences.

  5. “Repo Men.” Set in a futuristic world where artificial organs are bought on credit, Remy and his love interest struggle to clear their accounts before repo (repossession) men aggressively take back the organs. The two engage in passionate sex amidst all the action.

  6. “The Losers.” A U.S. Special Forces unit is sent on a search-and-destroy mission but is targeted by a mysterious and powerful enemy known as Max. Joined by the sexy Aisha, the team works together to track Max down. Look out for Aisha’s sensual sex scene.

  7. “From Paris With Love.” John Travolta stars as an American spy in this action-thriller. He teams up with an employee of the U.S. Ambassador in Paris to prevent a terrorist attack. When the duo enters a whorehouse undercover, there are some unavoidably arousing sexual acts taking place around them.

  8. “Monsters.” Six years have passed since the earth underwent an alien invasion. Now, a journalist is trekking across an infected area to accompany a nervous American tourist across the American-Mexican border. If you’re into fantastical sex, you’ll enjoy the sex scene between giant aliens mutually entangled in their tentacles.

  9. MacGruber.” When Dieter Von Cunth plots to destroy Washington, D.C. with a nuclear warhead, ex-operativ MacGruber is reinstated to counter his archenemy. At one point, MacGruber fantasizes about having sex with his dead wife who was killed by Cunth.

  10. “The Virginity Hit.” This teenage comedy is reminiscent of the “American Pie” series with four guy friends trying to lose their virginities. As an R-rated film, you’ll surely enjoy their various sexual escapades involving internet hookups and porn stars.