If you’re looking for the 10 best serial killer movies of the 90’s to watch while you’re all alone on a cold night, freak yourself out with these thrillers. Their themes range from redemption, perhaps more typical of a Hollywood flick, and others are simply scare-worthy.

  1. "Natural Born Killers." From the director of Wall Street comes a real creeper, “Natural Born Killers.” A man and a woman who have haunted childhoods fall in love with each other and go on a series of serial killings. Were you looking for a real plot? Didn’t think so.

  2. "Just Cause." At the beginning, we saw an African American man supposedly wrongly accused of hacking a little girl to pieces. After Sean Connery helps vindicate him in court, this same man goes on to kill several more victims. The end is nothing short of harrowing and spooky.

  3. "Shawshank Redemption." There are plenty of serial killers in this Stephen King movie to choose from, but the worst, Bogs Diamond, seems to have a thing for the main character. Including a plot about prison rape, escapes and of course, redemption, this is one of the best serial killer movies of the 90’s, hands down.

  4. "Green Mile." A wrongly accused man is arrested for allegedly murdering two little girls. He spends his time as a prisoner doing good deeds for others, including other serial killers. Eventually, he ends up protecting some prisoners from the real serial killer who is in their midst.

  5. "Internal Affairs." Never leave your wife at home alone. At least that’s what Andy Garcia found out in one of the best serial killer movies of the 90’s. As he investigates serial killings, the one man he’s looking for nearly murders him and his wife in their beds.

  6. "Whole Nine Yards." You can’t help but adore Bruce Willis as the ex-serial killer with at least 17 killings under his belt. After doing several years in the joint, he emerges not as a changed man, but as one searching for others to help him plot his revenge.

  7. "The Fugitive." A serial killer is on the loose, yet Harrison Ford seems to be to blame, at least in the eyes of U.S. Marshal Tommy Lee Jones. The cop who orders “little sprinkly thingies” on his donuts every morning soon realizes there’s more to the killings than just Harrison Ford and his murdered wife.

  8. "Double Jeopardy." A woman is accused of killing her husband, but it’s her husband who is willing to kill several people in order to get what he wants. Of course, once she is accused of murder, she can actually commit it without serving another term. The beauty of the double jeopardy law is exercised quite well in one of the best serial killer movies of the 90’s.

  9. "Basic Instinct." This one is probably the first movie that comes to mind when you think of serial killer movies of the 90’s. Sharon Stone stars as a creepy erotic novelist who may be responsible for the crimes police officer Michael Douglas is investigating.

  10. "Real Killers." All serial killers are twisted, but it takes a special type to kill their own parents. But that’s what happens in “Real Killers” when two teenage boys launch a series of murders and subsequently escape from a maximum security prison in what is considered one of the best serial killer movies of the 90’s.