These 10 best secret service movies are great because they give an inside view into how the presidency works. We see the president on TV, but what is he really like when the cameras are not on? What sorts of problems can he face? What happens when there's a threat? These movies help answer these pressing questions.

  1. "To Live & Die in L.A." -- This film teaches the lesson that you should never kill a secret serviceman's partner. He'll get you, and nothing will prevent him (or her, perhaps) from tracking you down like a lowdown dog.

  2. "In the Line of Fire" -- In this scenerio, Frank Horrigan -- played by Clint Eastwood -- is filled with regret over not being able to save John F. Kennedy's life. But he will absolutely not let the same thing happen to the current president.

  3. "Dave" --  Kevin Kline as the president? Yep, it happened in this 1993 comedy. Not all these films are life and death, you know. This one, for instance, is about life and coma, for a change.

  4. "Guarding Tess" -- This film asks the question: What happens when the first lady wants one specific Secret Service agent to guard her, even though he hates her? It stars Shirley MacLaine, as the first lady, of course, and Nicolas Cage as the hater. 

  5. "Absolute Power" -- They say absolute power corrupts absolutely. And in this film, a lifelong thief -- who should know a lot about crime -- sees a U.S. president being a bad boy.

  6. "Air Force One" -- Hijackers are scary guys these days, and usually terrorists. There's probably nothing worse than a hijacker taking over a plane with the president on it, which happens here.

  7. "First Daughter" -- Don't let this title fool you. The "first daughter" in question is played by Katie Holmes, and has more to do with her college love life than anthing particularly presidential. 

  8. "Agent of Death" --   After thinking about the president being hijacked, this film considers the president getting kidnapped. It all depends on how far along a president is into his/her presidency, when it comes to determining ransom amounts, by the way.

  9. "Along Came a Spider" -- So you find the kidnapping of a president unbelievable? How would you feel about the kidnapping of a congressman's daughter, instead?

  10. "Chain of Command" -- Secret Service agents must grab back a briefcase that makes it so the president can control the U.S.'s nuclear arsenal. If they can't, well, it's ka-boom!