The 10 best secret agent movies range from comedy to tragedy, from thriller to love stories. They all have one thing in common, a secret agent that turns into a hero. Some of these classic movies have created iconic heroes, passed into popular culture from generation to generation.

  1. "Dr. No" The big screen movie debut of the James Bond character tops the list of best secret agent movies. Starring Sean Connery as the hero, the audience got it's first introduction to all those wonderful gadgets.

  2. "Naked Gun" For the comedy lover, this film is a must on the list of best secret agent movies. The bumbling agent played by Leslie Nielsen keeps us laughing as he takes on the various serious subject of protecting the Queen.

  3. "Men in Black" This sci-fi comedy hit the list of best secret agent movies. Starring Will Smith, the secret agents protect the world from intergalactic terrorists.

  4. "Spies Like Us" The comedy starring Dan Ackroyd and Bill Murray makes the list of best secret agent movies. The comic duo protect the world from a rolling tactical vehicle disguised as a motor home.

  5. "True Lies" Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis, this tale of husband and wife makes the list as a best secret agent movies. When the wife discovers her husbands true identity, the trouble begins.

  6. "Mission Impossible" Possibly the best of the secret agent movies based on a television show, this film starred Tom Cruise. The character has some great tricks and incredible breaking and entering skills.

  7. "Austin Powers; International Man of Mystery" This nomination on the list for best secret agent movies keeps the audience laughing with over-the-top humor. A throw-back to the 1960's, this secret agent likes the word "Groovy!"

  8. "The Bourne Identity" The best secret agent movie about amnesia revolves around the character Jason Bourne. While he can't remember who he is, he has amazing survival skills.

  9. "Get Smart" One of the best secret agent movies from a television series has to be this comedy about agent Maxwell Smart. With silly humor and great one-liners, the spoof was released in 2008.

  10. "The Pink Panther" The story of inspector Clouseau makes the list of best secret agent movies. The bumbling agent is lovable and gets his man, purely by accident, and saves the day.