The 10 best secret admirer movies don't all focus on the hidden feelings of the characters. The feature is often a twist, or a secondary piece of the action. Keep in mind, each of these movies has a secret admirer that you probably don't see coming until the plot completely unfolds.

  1. "Midnight Cowboy" This strange look at two very different friends evolves into a secret admirer movie. The disabled Ratso convinces his friend Joe to sleep with women for money while secretly wishing for him to be his own. Joe only becomes aware at the end as he takes his friend to Florida to die.

  2. "Single White Female" This thriller makes the list as a secret admirer movie for the roommates obsession with the main character. The girl crush evolves into a creepy attempt to transform into one person.

  3. "Superman" This Superhero film is also a secret admirer movie. The audience can't help but feel sorry for Clark Kent as he secretly longs for Lois while she only has eyes for his alter ego.

  4. "Broadcast News" This secret admirer movie makes the viewer want to smack Holly Hunter. As she pines for the shallow, air-headed anchorman, her dear friend Brooks quietly pines away for her.

  5. "Clueless" This silly flick is a classic secret admirer movie. Cher sets up a languishing friend with a guy who she herself is secretly wanting. All the while, Cher's not-really-brother pines away for her affection.

  6. "St. Elmo's Fire" This complicated secret admirer movie involves a group of friends who deal with love and loss. The character of Kevin is believed to be gay until it's revealed that he's actually in love with his best friend's girlfriend. When the two finally connect, fireworks explode.

  7. "The Phantom of the Opera" A creepy, but touching secret admirer movie involving a beautiful actress and a scared man. The Phantom longs for the love of a beautiful girl whom he fears will reject him.

  8. "When Harry met Sally" A twisted and funny secret admirer movie, in which two strangers become best friends. They hook up and are faced with the decision of what to do.

  9. "You've Got Mail" The irony of online relationships comes to life in this secret admirer movie. Communicating through email only, the heroine falls for a man who she hates in reality. When he discovers her identity, he keeps his feelings for her a secret, but continues the email affair.

  10. "Broke Back Mountain" This secret admirer movie is set in the back roads of Montana. A ranch hand falls in love with his boss. The love is revealed in the middle of the movie and the homosexual affair intrigues many viewers.