10 Best Scary Movies

Wednesday, November 24 by Morgan Casey
  • “Poltergeist” Released in 1982, this movie is about a family who discovers what they believe are friendly ghosts in their home. That is, until the ghosts kidnap their youngest daughter. The family works with a medium to get their daughter back. As you watch this scary movie, you will understand why some people think televisions are a gateway to evil.
  • “The Haunting” Originally released in 1963 and remade in 1999, this movie is about a group of paranormal experts who take part in a sleep study, that turns out to be a study about fear, in a haunted mansion. As the story unfolds, the group is visited by the ghosts of the man, woman and children who were murdered there.
  • “Children of the Corn” Written by Stephen King, “Children of the Corn” was released in 1984. A young couple travel to a deserted town to report a murder. They soon learn, however, that the town isn’t deserted. A cult of children plotting to kill all adults has taken over the town.
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