10 Best Scary Movies

Wednesday, November 24 by Morgan Casey
  • “Paranormal Activity” In this 2007 horror movie, a family moves into a home where demonic spirits appears each night. Watch the nightly occurrences the couple catches on a camera purchased for just this purpose.
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street” Robert Englund stars as Freddy Krueger in this 1984 horror classic. While they sleep and with an intent to kill, Krueger attacks the children of those who killed him. Constant action and horror make this one of the best scary movies of all time.
  • “Hellraiser” “Hellraiser” was released in 1987. Brought back to life when a drop of blood lands on the floor, a creature from hell forces the woman of the house he lives in to bring him humans to sacrifice so he can get a complete body. Twists and turns in this plot land it a spot in the 10 best scary movies list.
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