If you are someone who likes a good scare, here are the 10 best scary movies that will give you hours of horrifying entertainment:

  1. “The Exorcist” “The Exorcist” is a 1973 horror film classic that is based on a true story. It is about a 12-year old girl who is possessed by an evil spirit. Her mother seeks the help of two priests, one of whom is doubting his faith, to help remov the spirit from the girl through an exorcism. The movie features realistic scenes that will keep you enthralled.

  2. “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” This scary movie, released in 2005, is based on a true story about the possession and exorcism of a teenage girl. The girl dies and some say it is the result of the exorcism. The movie features the courtroom trial of Father Moore with flashbacks showing the sequence of events. Realistic scenes make this movie one of the 10 best scary movies.

  3. “The Amityville Horror” Released in 1979, this scary movie is based on a true story about a family who moves into a home where a murder occurred. Strange events unfold and the family requests an exorcism of the home; however, the spirits in the house plan to posses the father, George, and his children.

  4. “Paranormal Activity” In this 2007 horror movie, a family moves into a home where demonic spirits appears each night. Watch the nightly occurrences the couple catches on a camera purchased for just this purpose.

  5. A Nightmare on Elm Street” Robert Englund stars as Freddy Krueger in this 1984 horror classic. While they sleep and with an intent to kill, Krueger attacks the children of those who killed him. Constant action and horror make this one of the best scary movies of all time.

  6. “Hellraiser” “Hellraiser” was released in 1987. Brought back to life when a drop of blood lands on the floor, a creature from hell forces the woman of the house he lives in to bring him humans to sacrifice so he can get a complete body. Twists and turns in this plot land it a spot in the 10 best scary movies list.

  7. “Poltergeist” Released in 1982, this movie is about a family who discovers what they believe are friendly ghosts in their home. That is, until the ghosts kidnap their youngest daughter. The family works with a medium to get their daughter back. As you watch this scary movie, you will understand why some people think televisions are a gateway to evil.

  8. “The Haunting” Originally released in 1963 and remade in 1999, this movie is about a group of paranormal experts who take part in a sleep study, that turns out to be a study about fear, in a haunted mansion. As the story unfolds, the group is visited by the ghosts of the man, woman and children who were murdered there.

  9. “Children of the Corn” Written by Stephen King, “Children of the Corn” was released in 1984. A young couple travel to a deserted town to report a murder. They soon learn, however, that the town isn’t deserted. A cult of children plotting to kill all adults has taken over the town.

  10. “Wishmaster” This movie was released in 1997. It is centered around a djin, which is an evil creature that tricks people into asking it to grant wishes. However, the wishes never turn out the way the wisher intends. Once the djin grants three wishes, legion of djin are released onto the earth. An ancient stone that contains a djin is found and the djin is accidentally released in this movie.