Compiled below is a list of the 10 best sad romance movies, so if you are in the mood to watch a heartfelt movie, select one of the movies from the list, grab your favorite treat, take a seat, and do not forget to grab a box of tissues. Each movie with its own story line will move you. 

  1. "Out of Africa" A enchanted tale that takes place in Kenya, Africa about the complicated intimacy between Karen Blixen, a Danish baroness/plantation owner and Denys Finch-Hatton, an avid big-game hunter. This 1985 epic is one of the best sad romance movies.

  2. "Pearl Harbor" A 2001 romantic drama which classifies as one of the best sad romance films with plenty of action packed scene that involve the air raid attack on Pearl Harbor. The story line focuses on a love triangular of sorts. Two best friends, Captain Rafe McCawley and Captain Danny Walker fall in love with the Nurse Lt. Evelyn Johnson.

  3. "Love Story" A 1970 film, about Oliver, a law student, and Jennifer, a music student, to young lovers from opposite backgrounds who share an inseparable bond. Fate abruptly interrupts their lives when Jennifer is suddenly stricken with a life threatening illness. Truly a sad romance movie.

  4. "Legend of the Falls" A romantic drama set in the Rocky Mountains of Montana in the 1900’s. The Three Ludlo brothers and their father’s trials and tribulation faced when living in the remote wilderness. Julia Ormond as Susanna wins the heart of each brother, which does compromise the bond shared among the brothers.

  5. "A Star is Born" Barbara Streisand and Kris Krisofferson present a stellar performance in this 1976 sad romance movie of all times. Ester, a talented singer and John Norman, a rock star meet and fall in love. Their lives are shattered when John Norman’s life spirals out of control due to drugs and alcohol.

  6. "Titanic" A 1997 epic, Kate Winslet, an upper-class passenger and Leonardo DiCaprio, a drifter and artist find themselves entwined in not only an intimate love encounter but also the ill-fated voyage of the Titanic which earns this film the claim as one of the best sad romance dramas.

  7. "P.S. I Love You" Holly loses her husband, Gerry, to an illness at very young age and must learn how to deal with her sadness. Gerr knowing Holly better than anyone else had written a series of letters to help her move on with her life. Although Holly looks forward to receiving each letter, she dreads when the letters will stop. This 2007 romantic drama is clearly one of the best sad romantic movies.

  8. "Casablanca" This classic romantic drama reunites Rick and Ilsa once again. Meeting during World War II, Rick and Ilsa fell in love, but Ilsa discovering that her husband was alive fled Paris and never met Rick at the train station as planned.  

  9. "Ghost" Demi Moore as Molly and Patrick Swayze as Sam star in this amazing story of two people in love. As they walked home after seeing a movie, Sam was murdered which was no accident. Sam trapped in limbo as a ghost remains on earth to protect Molly. Ghost is coined as one of the best sad romance movies.

  10. "Splendor in the Grass" A 1961 classic about Deanie and Bud, two high school seniors in love. Bud tries to  control his sexual urges toward Deanie. Both pressure by family to attend college and not to marry at a young age. Deanie and But break up and Deanie ends up having a nervous breakdown. Years later Bud and Deanie reunite and realize they are two very different people.