Looking for the 10 best sad movie songs? Look no further, these songs from movies rank with the best of the sad songs.

  1. “The Love Story Theme" is from “Love Story” a 1970 film. “Love Story” is a very moving story about young love and tragedy. If you have seen this movie, and happen to hear the theme, the movie images of Oliver Barrett IV and Jennifer Cavilleri  will replay in your mind.

  2. “Unchained Melody,” is one of the best sad movie songs. This song is from the movie ”Ghost,” the 1990 romantic story that is very tragic and changes Molly Jensen and Sam Wheat's life forever. The song has very beautiful and romantic lyrics.

  3. “My Heart Will Go On,” is from the movie “Titanic” the 1997 romantic drama left Rose with a broken heart after Jack succumbed to drowning. The song is a beautiful and romantic ballad and one of the best sad movie songs.

  4. “Take My Breath Away,” is from the movie “Top Gun” the 1986 romantic drama. Listening to this slow song gives you goose bumps and reminds you of true love, Maverick and Charlie style.  

  5. “I Will Always Love You,” is from the movie “Bodyguard” where Whitney Houston plays a pop singer. Houston belts out this moving love song because of her loving attraction to her body guard, Kevin Costner who plays a former Secret Service Agent.

  6. What a Wonderful World,” is from the movie “Good Morning Vietnam.” In this 1987 film Robin Williams a new disc jockey is assigned to bring humor to the troops during the Vietnam War. “What a Wonderful World” is truly a ballad that can move you to tears.

  7. “Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing,” is from the movie “Armageddon,” an unforgettable sad movie song from 1998 that clearly measured the strong emotions between Grace Stamper and A.J. Frost.

  8. Up Where We Belong,” is from “An Officer and a Gentleman” a movie made in 1982 about Zach Mayo and Paula Pokrifki, a young couple who meet by chance and fall in love. This love song turns most women to mush.

  9. “Evergreen,” is from the movie “A Star is Born.” This theme song from the movie was sung by Barbara Streisand, which earned a Grammy Award for Song of the Year. Esther Hoffman, an up and coming songstress, and John Norman Howard a rock star fall in love. Unfortunately, John Norman falls victim to his addictions and Esther continues his legacy.

  10. “Theme from Brian’s Song” is from the movie “Brian Song,” a 1971 sport drama where a dire real life medical situation plays out. Brian Piccolo, a Chicago Bears football player is stricken with a fatal illness. Because of the brotherly bond they had formed, Gale Sayers, a teammate tries to help his friend through this terrible time by remaining by his side.