These are the 10 best sad movie moments that will make even a grown man shed a not easily hidden tear. Cinema provides a much needed escape from the mind numbing realities of everyday life. Tissues and a proverbial shoulder to cry on are necessary accompaniments for these dramatic moments.

  1. Goose dies in "Top Gun". The room becomes quiet when the hero is killed while defending his country. The movie is filled with good beer, girls, and spectacular explosions, but this scene will choke up even the manliest of men.

  2. Sam dies in "I am Legend". Robert Neville, played by Will Smith, is forced to choke his canine best friend, Sam, to death after he is infected by a couple of mutant dogs. The scene brings up instinctual feelings of love for our own pets and loved ones.

  3. Mr. Keating is fired in "Dead Poet's Society". The devoted students of Mr. Keating, played by a young Robin Williams, take to standing on their desks in protest of their teacher's undeserved termination. Rejecting authority and corruption hits a note with many fans.

  4. John Coffey is executed in "The Green Mile". A convicted murderer is shown to be nothing more than a gentle giant during the movie. The hero, John Coffey, is executed nevertheless in a graphic electric chair scene.

  5. Buzz discovers he is just a toy in "Toy Story". Buzz finds out that he is not a real space ranger the hard way. He tries to fly out of his arch enemy's second story window and plummets to the ground breaking his arm.

  6. Private Ryan reflects on his life in "Saving Private Ryan". The last scene brings tears to the eyes of veterans and civilians alike. Ryan, played by Matt Damon, gazes over a massive grave yard, and asks himself if it was all worth it.

  7. The hobbits are recognized in "The Return of the King". The hard journey for the heroes from the shire finally comes to a fitting end. Aragorn bows to Frodo and his companions, and then the whole kingdom follows suit.

  8. Carter kicks the bucket in "The Bucket List". Carter, played by Morgan Freeman, succumbs to his battle with cancer. Witnessed by his partner in crime, Edward, the passing makes you want to hug your best friend and sob on his shoulder.

  9. Satine collapses in "Moulin Rouge". The lovers are finally allowed to be together, a seemingly perfect end to a tortured courtships. Then Satine, played by Nicole Kidman, collapses and dies tragically from Tuberculosis.

  10. Forrest meets his son in "Forrest Gump". The epic movie comes full circle when Forrest meets his son near the end of the saga. There are happy tears shed when we learn little Forrest will not have to face the difficulties that his dad did during his lifetime.