The 10 best sad movie endings typically bring tears to viewers' eyes. Not all of these movies are chick flicks. Some of these movies are man-sized tearjerkers with endings that will make a grown man fight back the waterworks. Get out the tissues and enjoy.

  1. "Marley and Me" Topping the list of sad movie endings is the film starring Jennifer Aniston, Owen Wilson and a golden retriever. This classic in the making follows the life of a dog and his family. The humor intertwined with the drama leads the first time viewer to shock when everyone has to say goodbye to the big golden dog.

  2. "The Wrestler" One of the best sad movie endings occurs when a down and out professional wrestler goes for one more spot of glory. Starring Mickey Rourke, this nostalgia-filled flick has something for everyone before it requires a handkerchief.

  3. "The Main Event" One of the surprise sad movie endings comes in this 1970s movie about a professional fighter and his young son. When the dream finally comes true, the end comes for the fighter and tears come for the viewer.

  4. "The Fly" This 1986 film earns a spot on the list of sad movie endings. As the creature's girlfriend pulls the trigger, the audience finds sympathy for the experiment gone horribly wrong.

  5. "Old Yeller" This classic flick definitely owns one of the best sad movie endings. The story of a boy and the dog he loves ends tragically with a shotgun blast.

  6. "E.T." On the list of sad movie endings, this may be a personal favorite. When the little alien who touched everyone's heart leaves, the "goodbye" will make the toughest person lose it.

  7. "The Mist" This horror movies definitely qualifies for the list of sad movie endings. As the hideous creatures advance, the hero steps out of the vehicle to save his child and friends. Then the military shows up, two minutes too late.

  8. "The Elephant Man" On the list of sad movie endings, this one has a bittersweet taste. As Merrick takes his own life, you are left sad and relieved for him at the same time. Very emotional.

  9. "Beaches" Anyone who doesn't shed a tear at the end of this movie must be made of steel. When speaking of sad movie endings, the death of a friend and the emotions displayed by the daughter have to be included.

  10. "Terminator 2" Rounding out the list of sad movie endings comes the flick that changed our mind about the the machine that terrorized the heroine in the first installment of the trilogy. As the original Terminator lowers himself into the vat of boiling steel and the boy begins to cry, only the hardest hearts can hold back the tears.