The 10 best reality TV "Survivor" contestants made lasting impressions on the game. Some won, others made it close to the finals, and all played "Survivor" more than once. The players left their mark on the every changing game that is "Survivor" even if they did not win. All of the 10 best reality TV "Survivor" contestants played their heart out to outwit, outlast, and outplay everyone else.

  1. Richard Hatch. During season one of the reality show "Survivor" Hatch was the only person to realize voting in blocks was the way to win. His theory of needing an alliance to get other contestants out shaped the way "Survivor" is played. Hatch is the best reality TV "Survivor" contestant because he was the first winner.

  2. Sandra Diaz-Twine. One of the best reality TV "Survivor" contestants because she is currently the only person to win the game twice. Her "As long as it ain't me," game play motto won her one million dollars twice. She became the sole survivor during the "Pearl Islands" and "Heroes vs. Villains" seasons.

  3. Cirie Fields. To date Cirie has played the reality TV show "Survivor" three times. Her cunning strategy, and likability got her far in "Panama" and "Fans vs. Favorites" but she was always voted out before final tribal. During "Fans vs. Favorites" Cirie made big moves to ensure she would make it to the final three, but unfortunately that season went back to a final two tribal council, and she was voted out 15th.

  4. Parvati Shallow. Currently Shallow has been a contestant of the reality TV show "Survivor" three times. Parvati's flirty nature, and bold moves made her the winner of "Fans vs. Favorites." Cunning, smart, you never found Parvati riding coattails. Her stint on "Heroes vs. Villains" landed Shallow second place.

  5. Russell Hantz. One of the 10 best reality TV "Survivor" contestants because he found immunity idols without clues. Hantz was an entertaining villain that sabotaged his own tribes during the "Survivor" seasons "Samoa" and "Heroes vs. Villains." During both seasons Hantz made it to the final tribal council, but both times he lost due to poor social skill.

  6. Jon "Jonny Fairplay" Dalton. During "Pearl Islands" Johnny Fairplay told the grandmother lie heard around the world. Before leaving for "Survivor" Fairplay instructed his friend to pretend during the friends/family reward that Fairplay's grandmother died during filming. Fairplay's spot is cemented into the best "Survivor" contestants list because his grandmother lie was cunning and well thought out prior to leaving for the game.

  7. Rob Cesternino. "Survivor Amazon's" third place contestant was coined the smartest player never to win the game by Jeff Probst. Cesternino flipped the vote in his favor all the way until the second to last tribal council. He got an early boot during "Survivor All-Stars" because of his masterful strategic game during "Amazon."

  8. "Boston" Rob Mariano. One of the 10 best reality TV "Survivor" contestants because Boston Rob dominated the first season that brought back past survivors titled "All-Stars." Boston Rob came in second on "All-Stars" and his now wife Amber, won the grand prize because of a bitter jury. In 2010 fans and staff of the reality show voted him into the "Survivor" Hall of Fame.

  9. Tom Westman. "Survivor Palua's" Tom Westman used his wit, charm, and strength to win the million dollar prize. Westman managed to ruffle few contestant feathers and won in a 6-1 vote. One of the best reality TV "Survivor" contestants because he was an essential part in the challenges that made his tribe the only one to date that won every single immunity challenge.

  10. Ethan Zohn. During the reality TV "Survivor" season "Africa" Zohn became the sole survivor. His charm, integrity, good natured humor, and strength in the challenges makes him one of the most likable winners. During his stint on "Survivor All-Stars" he was the last remaining million dollar winner voted out.