10 Best Reality TV Stars Ever

Monday, January 24 by J.Swindell

Choosing the 10 Best Reality TV stars is not easy as there are many to choose from.  Reality TV stars are unlike most celebrities who are admired for their skills in performance art.  The only performance that’s required of reality TV stars is the ability to be outrageously silly, hated or both. Some have managed to create a brand or acting gigs around their reality TV persona that pays the bills years after they’ve been off the air.

  1. Puck. On season 3 of "Real World," this house mate from hell desecrated peanut butter, was rude to others (including openly-gay house mate Pedro) and was one of the first reality stars to make obnoxiousness a marketable brand.
  2. New York. Syracuse, NY native Tiffany Pollard took her “love” for aging hype man Flavor Flav, into several VH-1 series as well as small acting jobs in TV and films. However, her most memorable scene was getting spat on by another contestant in Season 1 of "Flavor of Love."
  3. Jon and Kate Gosselin. On "Jon and Kate Plus 8," these two shamelessly exploited themselves and their children on national TV. Then for what seemed like forever, the public could never get away from Jon’s indiscretions or Kate’s bangs.
  4. Kim Zolciak­. That cleavage. The wigs. That Big Poppa person we never see. The constantly lit cigarette and glass of wine she never seems to be without.  You want to snatch it away but you’re too busy laughing at her “singing.”  This part-Barbie doll, part trashy token housewife on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" is both funny and sad; mostly due to the fact she is a single mother to two young daughters.
  5. Omarosa. Since appearing on the first season of "The Apprentice," Omarosa has participated in more than twenty reality TV programs in the past five years.  This year, she starred in "The Ultimate Merger," a TVOne original program that teamed her up again with "The Apprentice" creator, Donald Trump
  6. Richard Hatch. The oft-naked "Survivor" season 1 contestant is not only known for strategic tactics (he’s rumored to have once sneaked a canister of matches between his cheeks to increase chances of winning the "Survivor All-Stars" a couple of years ago). The former bartender, corporate trainer and real estate agent is currently trying to survive life after serving a federal sentence for tax evasion.
  7. Jesse James. While his knowledge of motorcycles may be admirable and those who visited his Long Beach, CA restaurant claim his burgers are one of the best, it doesn’t take away from the fact that he cheated multiple times on former wife, Oscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock. Oh yeah, he was also pictured wearing Nazi gear while saluting proudly.
  8. "Speidi." This real-life Ken and Barbie should teach a course called "How to Get Attention (for doing absolutely nothing) 101." Between the antics on MTV’s "The Hills," to the multiple cosmetic surgeries to their need to have camera by any media that will listen (and pay) for the “privilege,” many are still trying to figure out what it is these two actually do.
  9. Jonny Fairplay. On "Survivor" season 7, he lied about his grandmother dying. Enough said.
  10. Tami Roman. Another MTV Real World hell-raising alum (Los Angeles, 1992) was known as Tami Akbar. Shortly afterwards, she married former pro basketball player Kenny Anderson. Their divorce was neither quiet or without controversy as Roman would tell tabloids that she could no longer maintain the high-end lifestyle she’d become accustomed to. Since then, she has taken small roles in low-budget movies and sitcoms. Recently, she joined the cast of VH1’s "Basketball Wives," where once again, she will be known for her confrontational ways and quick temper.
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