If reality TV shows are fun to watch, then these 10 best reality TV show fights ever are even better. Here are the ten best reality TV show fights ever. 

  1. Irene vs Stephen, "The Real World Seattle":  After Irene calls Stephen gay, he chases down her car, flings the door open, and slaps her in the face. The roommates vote against ejecting him since Irene is already leaving.

  2. Susan vs. Kelly on "Survivor" Season 1: During the final elimination, each voted off contestant were to question the final two. Susan said, "I have no questions, I just have statements... blah, blah, blah, rats and snakes, blah, blah." That's pretty much the gist of it.

  3. Joe Rogan vs. Jonathan Baker on "Fear Factor":  When the host start fighting, we know things have good too far. Fortunately, Joe is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and there was no contest.

  4. New York vs. Pumpkin on "Flava of Love": New York doesn't back away from a fight. So why would Pumpkin spit on her? The funniest part is that she ran after doing it. 

  5. Saapharyi vs. H-Town on "Flava of Love 2": H-Town tells Saaphryi that she shouldn't have hit her because "I'm a white girl, I'm frail." Then Saaphyri prays. 

  6. Heather vs. Daisy on "Rock of Love 2": Biker girls fight like men. Enough said.

  7. Teresa vs. Danielle on "The Real Housewives New Jersey": Teresa turns over the table showing she is not to be trifled with. She is enraged because another castmate has a past that she does not agree with.  The whole thing was pretty unreasonable.

  8. Snooki vs. mystery male fist on "Jersey Shore":  It was the punch heard round the world that officially put the show on the map.

  9. Sheree vs. Kim on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta": Sheree follows Kim outside after an argument and pulls her wig. It doesn't come all the way off, but ends up crooked. Crooked wigs are hysterical.

  10. Nene vs. Kim on "The Real Housewives Atlanta": Wait. Which fight? Probably the one where Nene protects herself from Kim by choking her.

The more popular reality TV becomes, the more sensational the fights get. These are surely just a taste of what is to come.