If you like your TV shows unscripted, you should check out these 10 best reality TV programs 2010. The television landscape is littered with reality shows, but the quality programs are still deserving of your TV time.

  1. “The Celebrity Apprentice.” Season nine of this NBC reality TV program officially kicked off in March of 2010, and it was the best season yet. The show boasted a diverse lineup including Cyndi Lauper, Rod Blagojevich, Bret Michaels and Sinbad, all competing for Donald Trump’s approval.

  2. "Jersey Shore.” MTV’s reality TV program about the dysfunctional exploits of a group of New Jersey Italians became an instant hit. The highly anticipated second season premiered in July 2010 and followed the cast during a stretch of debauchery in Miami.

  3. “Pawn Stars.” As the most educational of the ten best reality TV programs 2010, this History Channel show will expand your mind as well as entertain. Season three debuted in June 2010, documenting the day-to-day operation of a pawn shop in Las Vegas.

  4. “American Pickers.” Premiering in January 2010, this reality TV program proves that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. This History Channel show follows a pair of men who crisscross the country in search of valuable antiques found in old barns and junk piles.

  5. “Undercover Boss.” Original ideas are scarce within the reality TV genre, but this CBS program boasted a creative premise when it debuted in February 2010. Each episode features a company CEO going undercover as an entry-level employee within his own company. The result is enlightening and entertaining reality TV.

  6. “American Idol.” January 2010 marked the beginning of the final season for Simon Cowell on Fox’s flagship reality TV program. Although not the ratings juggernaut it once was, the show was still enjoyable thanks to Cowell’s searing contestant analysis.

  7. “Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains.” As the twentieth season of CBS’ reality TV program, this show had an established formula to follow. Premiering in February 2010, host Jeff Probst pitted past fan favorites against some of the more devious contestants in a battle of survival skill.

  8. “Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It.” Aging rock star Bret Michaels offers an intimate look at his everyday life in this revealing reality TV program. First airing in October 2010, the show features Michaels’ trials and triumphs as he juggles his lifestyle with his family responsibilities.

  9. “Ice Road Truckers.” Definitely the most dangerous entry on the list of the ten best reality TV programs 2010, this intense show offers a glimpse into the lives of semi drivers navigating a tough stretch of icy Canadian road while delivering supplies to a diamond mine. Season four premiered in June 2010 and featured white-knuckle moments at every turn.

  10. “Bridalplasty.” If you’re engaged, you might catch your girl watching this E! channel reality TV program. First airing in November 2010, the show follows a group of brides-to-be as they compete in a series of challenges, with various plastic surgery procedures going to the winners. It’s a crazy premise, even for a reality TV program, but it sure is entertaining.