Now you'll know which videos to search for online with these 10 best reality TV moments of 2010. If you missed any of these moments, you missed some reality TV high points. From funny moments, fist fights and goodbyes, reality TV had its moments in 2010.

  1. The watermelon smack to the face on the “Amazing Race.” The “Amazing Race” has brought us some great reality TV moments in its seventeen seasons. This reality TV moment of 2010 was when home shopping TV hosts Brooke and Claire have to launch watermelons from a giant slingshot. While trying to launch a watermelon, Claire gets hit in the face by one. If this wasn’t reality TV gold already, Brooke embodie the spirit of competition by telling her stunned partner that she simply has to finish.

  2. The last episode of “The Hills” becomes a “Was It a Dream?” moment. Many fans were heartbroken that “The Hills” was wrapping after six seasons. There were critics since the first season claiming that the show was not reality TV, but scripted. Fan’s jaws dropped when the last moments of the show was Kristin Cavallari saying goodbye to Brody Jenner not in Los Angeles (where the show was suppose to be shot), but on a backlot in Hollywood.

  3. The not-so-close reunion special on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.” New Jersey housewives Danielle, Theresa, Jacqueline and Caroline hadn’t been on screen together for a year until the this reunion special, while reality TV producers came up with the concept that reunion specials needs to be hugged. This one doesn’t disappoint as the ladies let the accusations fly and Teresa goes off on Danielle, making sure viewer know that she is “garbage.” Host Andy Cohen gets pushed out of the way by Teresa.

  4. Sabrina goes “ghetto” on “Hell’s Kitchen.” The 22-year-old prep chef set herself up for the ditzy reputation she got by showing up the first day in high heels and pants that looked like they were sewed on. Sabrina caught a lot of negativity from her castmates, but there was one night after dinner service that she and Melissa got into a fight. The bleeps where flying. The best moment was when Melissa told Sabrina to “Clam down your little ghetto attitude.”

  5. Kate’s dance on “Dancing with the Stars.” Reality TV show mom Kate Gosselin doesn’t seem to want to get away from the camera. In 2010 she appeared on “Dancing with the Stars.” Gosselin attempted to dance to Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi,” but the performance was just good for some cringes and a few laughs.

  6. Roberto’s last chance gets him the girl on “The Bachelorette.” Ali Fedotowsky shocked viewers when she decided that Roberto was “the one” on his last chance date and she was so sure of her decision that she sent Chris home before the final rose ceremony. When Roberto learned that he was the only man there, he proposed on the spot.

  7. Simon leaves “American Idol.” "American Idol" judge Simon Cowell became a staple for the show, but 2010 saw him saying goodbye. The farewell was a bit of a roast because many people close to the show stop by to send him off.  

  8. Snooki and Angelina throw down on “Jersey Shore.” The fight was one of the best for reality TV for the year. There was slapping, screaming and rolling around on the floor. After the fight, Angelina left the show again.

  9. Did the right person win “Project Runway”? The competition was close on season eight of “Project Runway”—even Heidi Klum agreed. Many fans and critics of the show felt that winner Gretchen Jones should not have won.

  10. Happy tears everywhere on “Bethenny Getting Married”? A lot of people didn’t think Bethenny would go through with it on Bravo’s wedding show. But Bethenny and Jason tied the knot on reality TV and there wasn’t a dry eye anywhere.