If you enjoy reality television or are just curious about it, you might want to learn about 10 best reality TV contestants ever. These are some of the most notorious, the most famous and at the very least, the most memorable reality TV contestants ever.

  1. Richard Hatch. Richard Hatch was on the very first season of "Survivor" and also the first winner of the $1,000,000 prize. What sets him apart is that he became one of the villains of the show even on the first season. He not only went around naked but the jury members' questions towards him at the finale are some of the most harsh in the history of the show. He later went to prison for tax evasion on his winnings.

  2. Johnny Fairplay. Johnny was on season 16 of "Survivor" but became notorious for telling one of the best lies in the history of the show even to this day. He fooled every other player in a reward challenge by pretending his grandmother had died. Every cried, he got to go on the reward challenge and he fooled even Jeff Probst with his lie.

  3. Laura Ramsey. What makes Laura Ramsey unique is that she started out in the reality show movie "The Real Cancun" and later became a real actress. This reality television movie was like a screen version of a reality show but since then she has appeared in movies and television, even starring in "Mad Men" episodes and such movies as "The Ruins."

  4. Rob Mariano. Known as Boston Rob, Rob Mariano was a contestant on "Survivor" where he met his future wife, Amber Brkich. They later married and since then he has starred in numerous reality television shows such as a special on their wedding, a show about their move to Florida and he also appeared in "Suvivor: Heroes vs. Villains," "Amazing Race" and "Suvivor All-stars."

  5. Bill Rancic. Bill Rancic was the first winner of "The Apprentice" but has gone on to become quite successful and has been on numerous shows, including a show with his wife, Giuliana Rancic. He is a international motivational speaker and makes numerous paid appearances.

  6. Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Elisabeth Hasselbeck got her start on "Survivor" but went on to become a member of the controversial show, "The View," which includes a panel of well-known women who address different topics.

  7. Carrie Underwood. One of the most, if not the most successful contestant to come out of "American Idol" is Carrie Underwood. Not only has she topped the country music charts, she has won numerous Grammy's, County Music Awards trophies and is one of the highest money making tours in country music.

  8. Adrienne Curry. Adrienne started out on "America's Next Top Model" in the first season, which she won first place. However, she eventually moved on to a reality show with her former "Brady Bunch" husband, Christopher Knight and became quite infamous.

  9. Mike Malin. Known as Mike Boogie, Mike Malin got his start on "Big Brother" but has been in numerous television shows and continues to open restaurants and do entrepreneurial work. He also appeared again on the "Big Brother All-Stars" show and came in first place.

  10. Megan Houserman. Megan was a winner in the reality show "Beauty and the Geek" but has been on at least five reality television shows since then and this has led to small acting gigs and Megan being able to open her own businesses. Her last reality show ended early due to one of the contestants being charged with murdering his wife, which led to his suicide after he was near to getting caught by the authorities.

Now you can learn about 10 best reality TV contestants ever and see if you agree with this list or have your own favorites.