There have been countless great TV shows down the decades, but none are so loved as the 10 best old sitcoms. Everybody likes the weird and wonderful characters that appear in the best old sitcoms. Whether sitcoms are dark or slapstick they reflect reality and everyone can identify with a number of classic sitcom characters that remind them of friends and co-workers.

  1. "Hogan's Heroes." One of the oldest shows on the list of the best old TV sitcoms but easily one of the funniest. Set during World War II and filmed when the war was still fresh in the memory of many, it was slapstick but it had a hard edge. Colonel Klink also has to be the best loved German of all time.  

  2. "The Golden Girls." They were old women but they had the minds of horny wild women half their age. Betty White is now known to a younger generation for her "Saturday Night Live" appearance, but this was made when she was at the height of her fame.

  3. "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air." Few could have imagined that this 80's comedy would help turn Will Smith into one of the best paid movie stars in the world. He was the stereotypical 80's guy in this laugh-a-minute show that remains one of the best old TV sitcoms. 

  4. "News Radio." Despite introducing an unsuspecting world to the talents of Andy Dick this show is still loved years after its first broadcast. Among the other notables in this funny show was young lady who went on to become best known as Abbey in the rather serious "E.R." 

  5. "Married with Children." This show deserves its spot in the TV hall of fame for launching the career of super sexy Christine Applegate. Her aside, the Bundy family were a dysfunctional but sympathetic crew that got people rolling on the floor with laughter. 

  6. "Roseanne." Not everybody's cup of tea, but in the eyes of most people it is one of the best old TV sitcoms. The title actress had a raspy voice and a personality to match, but somehow her dreary personality was well received in living rooms throughout the nation. 

  7. "I Love Lucy." The queen of comedy, Lucille ball, carried this show on her shoulders for years despite off screen problems with her onscreen husband. It still gets played on cable TV today and is likely to remain on the list of the best old TV shows forever. 

  8. "Yes Prime Minister." This show had an all star cast and was perhaps the cleverest satire show ever. It followed the trials and tribulations of a less than intellectual English prime minister and it is one of the BBC's finest show of all time.  

  9. "Frazier." He was a boring customer in the bar of "Cheers" for many years before he left the East coast and fled to the West. An uptight intellectual with an even more neurotic younger brother and a long suffering Dad, Frazier was one of the best characters of the 90's.

  10. "The Addams Family." Possibly the strangest of the best old sitcoms but easily the most recognizable, this show had the edge over the very similar "Munsters," on the basis that Mrs Addams was hotter than anyone on that show.