The 10 best old sitcoms are the ones that make you laugh, even though you have seen them so many times that you know what the characters are going to say and the exact second when they are going to say it. Funny shows never get old and the best old sitcoms are now as popular on DVD as they were on TV when first shown. There are some big name actors among the shows featured on this list.

  1. "Cheers." Ted Danson was the flash bar owner with an eye for the ladies in this brilliantly funny show. Kirstie Alley before her weight gain was among the best female actresses of the time, but she was no match for the delightful Shelley Long. With an all star cast, this has to be of the best old sitcoms. 

  2. "Perfect Strangers." With a cousin like Balki, who needs enemies? Larry was a funny looking American chap who had to put up with his weird cousin at a time when many Americans knew so little about the outside world that Balki seemed realistic. 

  3. "Bewitched." This fondly remembered show is still regarded as one of the best old sitcoms, and for good reason. The notion of having a suburban witch is worthy of an Emmy in itself. Take into account the fact that she was hot and you have a hit comedy show. 

  4. "Gilligan's Island." This show introduced the world to some really cool head gear. The best thing about the show was the fact that it featured a really hot chick called Ginger who was always showing her legs. It was also very funny.

  5. "The Monkees." This is one of the best old sitcoms, which is surprising given that it was nothing more than a promotional vehicle for America's answer to the Beatles. The crazy band mates could not stay out of trouble though, which is why it is still so loved.

  6. "The Brady Bunch." Kind of cheesy now when you watch it all these years later, but the innocent appeal has not been lost down the years. The Bradys had a whole bunch of kids and if nothing else their outfits are worth a chuckle.

  7. "The Beverly Hill Billies." A very clever idea for an offbeat show. It was full of slapstick humor and probably did not do much for the tourism industry in the West Virginia area but it is one of the best old sitcoms. Sadly, the movie made years later was a flop.

  8. "Partridge family." Another funny 70's show about a family with a bunch of flair wearing kids with bowl haircuts. In this family though, the mom was widowed and the kids were a little better at singing than the Brady bunch.

  9. "The Phil Silvers Show." This is one of the oldest of the best old sitcoms, but is still one of the funniest. This was made in the era before color TV but you do not need color to see the hilarious antics of Sergeant Bilko, who is one of TVs best loved characters of all time.

  10. "I love Lucy." Another very old show and another that is in black and white. Lucille Ball was the biggest female star in comedy during the 1950's, and this show was broadcast at the height of her fame. A timeless classic and a must have on DVD.