Here are the 10 best old man movies. Old man movies are best when they deal with themes that concern old men, namely being old, sticking to your guns and surviving with the knowledge they have learned over the course of their lives. There are a variety of different genres of movies that are the best for old men, perfect for an old man who wants to laugh, cry or have their senior toughness reinforced.

  1. "Driving Miss Daisy": An old black man drives an old white woman and they talk to each other about their pasts. A beautifully written, funny, important film that won numerous different awards the year it was released. This is a must on any Best Old Man Movie list.

  2. "Grumpy Old Men": Walter Mathau and Jack Lemon join forces for the first time since their hit comedy "The Odd Couple" in the 1960's to do this comedy about old men who dislike each other living in a small Northern town. Hilarious, raunchy and also heartfelt. This may be the most recognizable old man movie, if only for the reason that the word "old" is in it's title.

  3. "Grumpier Old Men": The sequel to "Grumpy Old Men," this old man movie has more Mathau and Lemon bickering, giving more hilarious insight as to what it's like to be an old man in our modern times.

  4. "No Country For Old Men": The Coen Brother's artistic masterpiece from author Cormac McCarthy's incredible novel was one of the best films made in the first decade of the twenty first century and is about death and the ever-changing world the old are now living in. A dark yet amazing film for an old man to watch as they think about their lives and the mark they have made on the world.

  5. "Arsenic and Old Lace": An old classic starring Cary Grant is about elderly women who plot to murder people. Entertaining for any old man, especially one who has been married for a long time.

  6. "Up": Pixar's charming animated film about an old man who decides to move the house that he lived in for decades with his wife will make you cry in the first five minutes and laugh the rest of the time. As usual, Pixar never misses.

  7. "Gran Torino": Clint Eastwood directs himself, as usual, in this old man movie about an old man who decides to protect his neighbors against gangs. A perfect movie for an old man who wants to reinvigorate his toughness.

  8. "Caddyshack": Old men love golf and old men love comedy, so "Caddyshack" is the perfect combination for an old man movie. It has golf, nudity, comedy and takes place in a time when most old men these days were most likely in their respective primes.

  9. "Cocoon": A film about old people in general, this is another old man movie that will allow an old man to reminisce on their lives and really think about what it means to be old. And even if they don't want to go all philosophical, "Cocoon" is just an excellent film in general.

  10. "Unforgiven": Clint Eastwood again directs himself in one of the best old man movies of all time, about a gunslinger who returns as an old man to do some good. Which old man doesn't want a shot at redemption in their lives?