People who like science fiction need to be familiar with the 10 best movies with robots. Robots in movies come in all shapes and sizes and can do everything imaginable. Some are friendly, and some are royal pains.

  1. "Star Wars." The "Star Wars" saga brought us all kinds of interesting robots. The most loveable robot in any movie may well be R2-D2. R2-D2 is quite handy to have around when things need repairing. He is also everybody's friend and is good at saving lives. The movie also included C-3PO, a whiny robot that was also useful to have around.

  2. "The Terminator." The star of the show here is the T-800 robot, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. The T-800 is one of the robots that fits into the 'royal pain' category. "The Terminator" and its sequels have robots visiting from the future to assassinate people from the past.

  3. "Wall-E." Movie goers fell in love with Wall-E, the trash collector on Earth after it was abandoned. Over time, Wall-E develops a personality, and he discovers that this is a big old lonely world when it is uninhabited.

  4. "RoboCop." The "RoboCop" series features a 'take no prisoners' law enforcement robot. However, there is one flaw: RoboCop was created from a murdered police officer. This leaves some room for human emotions.

  5. "Aliens." Bishop is the robot in "Aliens." He is an android. At first, he is not well received by Ripley, the movie's main character. She had been betrayed by an android in the first movie, "Alien." However, Bishop turns out to be one of the good guys.

  6. "Westworld." Yule Brenner played the robot in this movie. The robot was a gunslinger in a futuristic amusement park where visitors played out their fantasy of an old west gunfighter setting. After awhile, the gunslinger robot decides it is tired of losing the gunfights, and the fantasy becomes deadly.

  7. "Star Trek: Generations." This film, and subsequent sequels, makes the list of ten best movies with robots because of Data. Data is an android that is first featured in the television series and then seen on the big screen. Most "Star Trek" enthusiasts were disappointed because, when Data hit the big screen, he had been implanted with an emotion chip.

  8. "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery." Here's one for the guys. This movie features Fembots; very sexy and shapely female robots. Fembots do have their bad side, though. They may open fire at any time with their breast-mounted machine guns.

  9. "Short Circuit." Johnny 5 is a military prototype robot in this 1986 film. During a demonstration, Johnny 5 is hit by a power surge that causes him to malfunction. He wanders off by himself eventually ending up at the home of a woman who teaches him about life.

  10. "A.I. Artificial Intelligence." David is the robot in this Steven Spielberg movie. He is an android child who can feel emotion. He and others like him were created to fill a void in a world where the population is dwindling. He is adopted into a family in which he has to learn to deal with his emotional element.