The best movies with presidents are the movies which are not only entertaining films, but also have good actors playing the role of president. However, the president varies greatly from film to film based primarily on the tone of the film itself. In historical films where an actor is playing a president who actually existed, the look, tone of voice and affectations are integral to the quality of the performance. However, in a movie that doesn't have an actual living president in it, an original approach to the commander-in-chief's character is needed, hopefully doing something different in the movie than the president we are all used to seeing on the news.

  1. "Frost/Nixon" One of the ultimate films about a president and his abuse of power, Frank Langella plays Richard Nixon as well as anyone has ever played a living president, nailing his look, his affectations, his delivery and complimenting Ron Howard's excellent film with one of the best performances of the last decade.

  2. "Independence Day" Bill Paxton plays the president trying to save the world from an aggressive alien invasion that destroys our large cities and seeks to enslave and destroy the human race. While he's not exactly riveting in the role, the action-filled blockbuster is one of the best big films wher the American president plays a major role as a character.

  3. "Primary Colors" Basically playing President Bill Clinton, John Travolta plays a politician who is steeped in scandal but also has high hopes for winning the presidency. Travolta not only looks like Clinton, but uses his fine acting chops to replicate the president with a different name on the silver screen.

  4. "W" One of the only films made during a president's term in office that openly mocked and thumbed its nose at the commander in chief, Oliver Stone's "W" took a critical look on what made President George W. Bush tick. Regardless of your politics, the enveloping performance by Josh Brolin is one of the best cinematic interpretations of a president to date.

  5. "The American President" A totally implausible love story, Michael Douglas's performance in "The American President" makes this story one of the best presidential movies ever made. Who says we don't have to feel romantic about our often despised commander in chief?

  6. "Mars Attacks" Jack Nicholson, one of the greatest actors of any generation, uses his presidential role in one of the funniest ways imaginable in the bizarrely hilarious film "Mars Attacks." He's a coward, a fool and not terribly smart, which is unfortunately a common interpretation of America's leader.

  7. "Air Force One" When terrorists take Air Force One and everyone on it hostage, the president himself fights back, becoming an unwitting action hero. Who wouldn't want to watch the pres kick the snot out of some lousy terrorist? America!

  8. "Dave" Kevin Kline plays both the president and a guy who looks like the president. He replaces the president when a scandal comes up due to an extra marital affair. So it's the old switcheroo comedy set in the White House. What's most charming about this movie focusing on the president is the love story that ensues between his cold First Lady.

  9. "Deep Impact" One of two comets hitting the Earth movies to come out within the same season one year, "Deep Impact" chose Morgan Freeman to unflinchingly play a black president, which was a relatively edgy statement in America in the mid-'90s. The action extravaganza and Freeman's stoic performance make this one of the best movies with a president.

  10. "Dr. Strangelove" Stanley Kubrick's masterful satire about nuclear war taps the brilliant Peter Sellers in a variety of roles, namely as the American President Merkin Muffley. This performance is both hilarious, frustrating and brilliantly written and performed by a British actor, no less.