These 10 Best movies with nude scenes in them have quite the variety. Some scenes have nudity to serve the purpose of sex, other have nudity to deliver a powerful message. Either way, Hollywood doesn't shy away from nudity as much as it used to.

  1. "Fast Times at Ridgemont High". In this film the infamous "pool" scene will forever be remembered in the minds of all dudes out there. Voyeurism gets a huge laugh when getting caught.

  2. "American Pie". Theres only so much awkward sex attempts that one can watch. That patience is paid off when Nadia gets nude in the "bedroom" scene.

  3. "Wild Things". The pool scene is known for its range. When Denise Richards and Neve Campbell start out with a cat fight and end with a lesbian make-out scene, there really is nothing better. Nudity is great, but multiple nudity is even better.

  4. "Before The Devil Knows You're Dead"  Opening a film to a raunchy sex scene between Marisa Tomei and Phillip Seymour Hoffman is down right bold. The two of them go at it as Marisa flaunts her beautiful assets in front of the mirror.

  5. "Mulholland Drive" The infamous "lesbian" sex scene shows Naomi Watts and Laura Harring enjoying one another. The nudity in this scene is dark, but it allows you to use your imagination.

  6. "Eyes Wide Shut"  Anyone who has seen this film knows there are multiple nude scenes in it. However, the opening credits are the best. Kubrick simply flashes the names of the actors then the next thing you know Nicole Kidman is undressing, then its back to the titles. Kubrick always had a strange sense of humor.

  7. "Malena" Monica Bellucci is known for her stunning beauty. In the film "Malena" that exact beauty haunts her character's life. She is obsessed over by a young boy, who continually has fantasies about her. These fantasies include much nudity, particularly a "sex scene" which is something of note.

  8. "Requiem for a Dream" As said as this movie is and as heartbreaking as it is to watch, the perks include Jennifer Connelly nude. The scene where she stands in front of the mirror showcases her beauty, even though she is poisoning herself with drugs.

  9. "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" It is one thing for women to bare it all, but its something else when its a man. Particularly, when its a man and its hilarious. Jason Segel bares his bits in the break up scene in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" and its certainly unforgettable.

  10. "Monster's Ball" This film tackles some deep seeded issues with racism in the south. If you can bare through a slap-happy sex scene and remember this role won Halle Berry an Oscar, then the nudity is certainly worth it.