The 10 best movies with aliens show imaginative filmmakers from Hollywood giving us some interesting movies advancing the notion that there are planets in the galaxy that are inhabited by both good and bad guys, who, for whatever reason, have an interest in Earth.

  1. "Men in Black", "Men in Black 2", and "Men in Black 3" (will be released in 2012): These movies follow the adventures of Agents J and K of the MIB, a clandestine agency that maintains order, and controls alien activity on Earth, which has been established as a "neutral zone" for alien refugees. The MIB is not a government agency; their financing comes from the patents they acquired on invention taken from aliens.

  2. "District 9": A story about a spaceship that hovers above Johannesburg, forcing South Africa to place a million aliens in migrant camps. Referred to as "prawns," the aliens are looked upon unfavorably by the humans. All the pawns want to do is go home. But in the meantime, they want to eat lots of cat food.

  3. "Predator": A commando team is hired by the CIA to rescue a trapped squad from guerillas in a South American jungle. They begin finding murdered Air Force personnel. Soon, a nearly invisible being begins to hunt them individually. The Predator kills its victim for fun and keeps the skulls as trophies.

  4. "Aliens": Officer Ripley is found drifting through deep space. She has some slight side effects from the 57 years of cryogenic slumber, but, soon learns that the planet on which the horrendous events she experienced is now colonized. Nobody believes her story about what happened to her and the crew from the Nostromo. Communication is lost with the colony, and Ripley is recruited to help since she knows so much about the planet. Along with a team of marines, she goes down to the planet investigate the alleged simple problem. Everyone discovers that Ripley has been telling the truth. Ripley and the Queen alien engage in a final battle that put an extraordinary conclusion to the awesome movie.

  5. "Independence Day": Numerous enormous objects headed for a collision course with Earth are discovered by the military and are eventually identified as alien spacecraft. With less than a day left to find an answer to the puzzle before the Aliens attack, Jeff Goldblum starts finding ways to exploit the enemy’s defense system.

  6. "The Arrival": Radio astronomer Zane Ziminski is fired from his job after he picks up strange signals from outer space; which he believes the signals are from an alien intelligence. People start disappearing shortly after he reports the data to his boss. He finds comparable transmissions coming from Mexico after he moves the research to his home.

  7. "The Tommyknockers": Residents of a small town begin excavation of buried spaceship that creates a strange green power source.

  8. "The Abyss": The workers of an underwater oil rig are asked by the Navy to investigate an American nuclea submarine that sank many years before. To assist with the investigation, they are later joined by a small team of Navy Seals. They soon discover something else exists deep within the dark, cold abyss.

  9. "Invasion of the Body Snatchers": Residents in a small town start noticing behavior changes in friends and relatives and it is soon discovered that bodies are being snatched and then cloned. After the entire town is infected, truck loads of cloning pods are shipped all over the world to broaden the process.

  10. "Close Encounters of the Third Kind": The government attempts to cover up a series of strange events that have occurred. Missing planes from 1945 appear in the Mojave Desert, a bright light buzzes an airliner, and Roy has a close encounter. Roy and other people gather at a place where they think a UFO that has contacted them through visions.