Movies come and movies go, but some of the 10 best movie trailers stand the test of time. Here are ten classic movie trailers that will always stand out.

  1. "Titanic": This combines an everlasting love story with a tragic historical event, making a compelling movie for many audiences. This three hour movie is over a decade old and is still one of the most popular movies out there.

  2. "Harry Potter": What started out as a book drafted on napkins is now a blockbuster series of movies. The first half of the seventh and final movie just released, and the final installment comes out in July 2011. If you haven’t seen "Harry Potter" yet, we suggest you do so.

  3. "Breakfast Club": A classic movie that represents all the standard labels you find in high school. Anyone who watches this more likely than not will find themselves identifying with one of the characters. It is a must movie trailer.

  4. "Leave it to Beaver": A good old fashioned family movie with more of a modern twist. It’s got that feel-good hard working dad, stay at home mom, and goofy kid’s idea that comes from the 1950s.

  5. "Polar Express": This is our absolute number one favorite movie to celebrate the holiday season. It’s a magical story. It is in cartoon but even adults will love it. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, you need to watch it as soon as possible.

  6. "Pirates of the Caribbean": Haven’t caught Pirate fever yet? Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom stop hearts in this action packed movie about pirate life and all of the exotic parts of the Caribbean.

  7. "Pearl Harbor": This movie is crazy sad, but tells the story of an important day in history. It tells the story of the day President Franklin Roosevelt dubbed, "a date which will live in infamy".

  8. "Shrek": What we love about this movie is that is made for children, but it has a lot of “over their head” humor which will keep the parents laughing as well. It is the perfect family movie trailer, especially if you have a lot of different age ranges to appease.

  9. "Dirty Dancing": This is how Patrick Swayze got his start! This movie will pull out the exotic dancer in anyone, but remains clean enough to watch with your family.

  10. "Jaws": This classic movie trailer would make anyone scared to swim.