The 10 best movies that came out in 2009 were some of the best that the cinema has seen.  The best thing about these movies is the wide range in which they portrayed.  2009 was packed with animation, WW II, and not to mention a little bit of mystery.  These films shaped the year and made it an amazing year for films. 

  1. "This is It" chronicled the last tour of musical great Michael Jackson after his death.  This movie brought a spotlight on his amazing talents as both an entertainer and a producer of an amazing tour. 

  2. "It's Complicated" starred Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin, and Steve Martin all Hollywood heavy weights. In the movie, Streep was caught in a love triangle with Martin and Baldwin that proved to be a huge hit in the box office.

  3.  "The Blind Side" served as a vessel for Sandra Bullock to be catapulted into big star status. Bullock portrays a woman that takes in a forgotten teenager and brings him into her family as her own. Throughout the movie, she protects him from everything and creates something for him that he never had, a home.  

  4. "The Messenger" starring Woody Harrelson as a man in charge of notifying families of a loved ones passing while serving in the war. Along the way, Harrelson bonds with a young veteran that has been assigned to him to do the notifications. 

  5. "District 9" took an alien spin on apartheid in South Africa.  This movie was hailed as one of the best films of the year for its original writing and the unique view the film maker took when making it. 

  6. "Princess and the Frog," Walt Disney's first film to feature a black princess, broke all barriers and made it okay for audiences to enjoy the New Orleans spin that Disney put on the film.  Disney managed to put a spin on the film and introduce its young viewers to life in the French Quarter of New Orleans. 

  7. "Tyson" was one of the years best documentaries.  It showed the many faces of boxing great Mike Tyson and his plight after the all the glory and the hurt that came with being Mike Tyson. This movie reveals him as someone not ever seen before by the public. 

  8. "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" one of the final showdowns between Harry and Voldemort. The movie showcases the downfall of Draco Malfoy after his father is found to be a member of the dark arts.  The sixth installment of this movie ends with Professor Dumbledore being murdered by Professor Snape. This movie sets the audience up for the final showdown to come between good and evil. 

  9. "Precious," a movie set off of a novel, showed the movie goers the hardships of an overweight teen mother of two battling a mother from hell. Precious must keep her head up through some of the toughest scenarios that most people will never face in their lives. An oscar worthy performance was delivered my newcomer Gabourey Sidibe. 

  10. "Avatar" was the number one grossing film of the year; James Cameron directed this epic. Some say that the lives of the Nabi mirrored the Native Americans plight in America.  This film was a huge hit it even went on to break The Titanic records.  

2009 was without a doubt a year packed with some of the most original and never before seen cinema.  If you're a movie buff and you're looking for a year packed with must see films, then 2009 is definitely your year to watch.  Enjoy watching this years best films.