The 10 best movies that came out in 2007 are filled with action, suspense, fear, drama, wonder, and so much more. With so many genres ranging from science fiction to action/adventure to horror to crime dramas and beyond, 2007 definitely presented us with many excellent entertaining films to show from. Escape from a quarantined apartment building with infected residents in "[REC]," fight terrorists alongside John McClaine in "Live Free or Die Hard," or how about helping Danny Ocean and his crew avenge their friend in "Ocean's Thirteen"? The list goes on. What's your poison?

  1. "[REC]." This groundbreaking Spanish horror masterpiece is perhaps the scariest movie ever made and the one of the best movies to be unleashed in 2007. This shaky cam nightmare takes place in an apartment building where a deadly infection has turned everything upside down for the people trapped inside.

  2. "The Mist." Based on the novel by Stephen King, "The Mist" features quite an ensemble cast and superb direction by director Frank Darabont whom was clearly passionate about adapting this project to the big screen. The plot revolves around a group of people who take refuge in a supermarket after a thunderstorm produces deadly creatures outside.

  3. "Sunshine." This Danny Boyle-directed 2007 science fiction film is one of rare form in today's age for this much-loved genre. Despite some unlikable comparisons to "Alien," "Sunshine" contains all of the right elements and ingredients that made the quintessential 1970s science fiction film so mesmerizing in the first place.

  4. "American Gangster." Directed by Ridley Scott, this 2007 film stars Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe in the lead roles and is based on the real life of American drug-lord Frank Lucas, who was responsible for the smuggling of heroin on American planes returning back from the Vietnam war. This is the best black gangster film since the days of "New Jack City."

  5. "Enchanted." This 2007 family-oriented comedy film presents a spectacular and hilarious new twist on real life and the world of animated fairy tales as several characters from this far away land are transported to modern-day New York City where true love gets caught up in a battle good and evil.

  6. "1408." Based on the short story by Stephen King, "1408" stars an all-star lead cast consisting of John Cusack, Mary McCormack, and Samuel L. Jackson in this story that depicts a horror writer (Cusack) who learns of a haunted room in a hotel which he proceeds to investigate and undergo a series of strange experiences.

  7. "Disturbia." While serving his time under house arrest, a teenager played by Shia LaBeouf believes he witnesses a murder after spying on his next door neighbor. Inspired by the Alfred Hitchcock film, "Rear Window," "Disturbia" is a 2007 film with many intense moments and a simple plot that keeps your interest piqued.

  8. "Live Free or Die Hard." This was one of the most anticipated movies of 2007. The fourth chapter in the "Die Hard" franchise saw the return of Bruce Willis in the role of Detective John McClaine in order to prevent internet terrorists from sending the US back into the dark ages. 

  9. "28 Weeks Later." In the 2007 sequel to the groundbreaking original, "28 Days Later," the military and government has seized control of the deadly virus outbreak in England and have re-opened civilization for continued life, that is until another accidental outbreak occurs. More zombie action follows.

  10. "Ocean's Thirteen." After a highly successful first film and a sequel with mixed reactions and a somewhat over-complicated plot, the third film in the "Ocean's Eleven" franchise serves as the final chapter and takes the plot back to basics (like the original) in the form of a revenge story, making for a fitting end to the series.