There is variety to be found among the ten best movies that came out in 2006. From gritty mob dramas to lighthearted indie flicks to dream-like fantasies, there was something for everyone to like. Check out our list and see if your favorite movie was among the ten best movies that came out in 2006.

  1. "The Departed" With big stars like Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon and Jack Nicholson in one of his most evil roles since "The Shining," "The Departed" managed to get Martin Scorsese his first Oscar win and deserves to be at the top of our list of thebest movies that came out in 2006.

  2. "El Laberinto del Fauno" ("Pan's Labyrinth") Ofelia creates a fantasy world where she is the daughter of a fairy king in order to escapes the tyranny of her cruel Army captain stepfather. This Spanish language film features amazing characters that grow more frightening as Ofelia's life falls farther out of her control.

  3. "Little Miss Sunshine" Next on our list of the ten best movies that came out in 2006 is this sweet indie film that portrays a dysfunctional family's struggles as the drive to California to enter daughter Olive in the "Little Miss Sunshine" pageant. A star turn from Steve Carell, showing the tenderness and vulnerability that we usually only get to see peeks of in his more comedic roles.

  4. "Borat" Love him or hate him, Sacha Baron Cohen hit a lot of nerves and funny bones with his portrayal of Kazakhstan's sixth most famous man making his way across United States in search of "America" and Pamela Anderson. On the way, he manages to offend just about everyone he meets.

  5. "Stranger Than Fiction" Will Farrell plays Harold Crick, an IRS auditor who begins to hear a voice in his head. He soon realizes that the voice is narrating his life. It turns out the narration is from an actual book being written by a famous author and her main characters always die.

  6. "Children of Men" Set in a near future where the human race can no longer procreate. When a woman is found miraculously pregnant, the race is on to try to save her and mankind. A gripping and beautiful story and arguably some of the best cinematography of recent times, making it this movie of our ten best movies that came out in 2006.

  7. "Thank You for Smoking" This film, which follows the life of Nick Naylor as he does his job defending the cigarette industry, is both intelligent and witty. Nick struggles to be a good role model for his son, while at the same time continuing to stand up for the industry he knows is killing people. Aaron Eckhardt is brilliant in the role of the smart and charismatic Nick.

  8. "Little Children" A haunting story of the demons that everyone must fight wrapped up in the banalities of middle class suburbia. Jackie Earle Haley pulls off an amazing bit of character acting, turning a sex offender into a sympathetic character.

  9. "Apocalypto" No matter what your opinion of Mel Gibson might be, "Apocalypto" was a violent and bloody tour de force, which is surely Gibson's finest work and one of the ten best movies that came out in 2006. The movie follows the journey of Jaguar Paw, a jungle dwelling native who is captured by the Mayans for sacrifice in sixteenth century Mexico.

  10. "Babel" Much like director Alejandro González Iñárritu's previous movies "Amores Perros" and "21 Grams," "Babel" follows a variety of storylines that end up being intertwined. Four families' lives are changed by events that connect them in tragic ways.