Looking for the 10 best movies on DVD made in 2008? 2008 was a great year in films. There were many stunning performances on the big screen and many rememberable moments. Sit back, pop some popcorn and enjoy the list.

  1. "Wall-E" This is truly a Disney classic all the way through until the end. "Wall-E" is about a poor lonely little robot in search of a friend. With breath taking graphics and a heart warming story, this movie makes the list of 10 best DVD rentals of 2008.

  2. "The Dark Knight" This movie was released in 2008 and made a big splash, especially with the late death of one of the main characters. This movie was the ultimate movie in 2008 and sticks as one of the best of the best Batman movies.

  3. "Kung Fu Panda" This is another animation movie that was made in 2008 and it made a big splash. It's a great movie for kids and adults.  There is a heart warming story for all of us in Kung Fu Panda.

  4. "Iron Man" This was one of the biggest movies to come out in 2008. Between the breath taking graphics, thriller action and love triangle, this comic book installment beat out every other movie in the box office.

  5. "Rambo" The comeback of Rambo was huge. There is plenty of violence, action and thrills to make this one of the best DVD's of 2008. Stallone at his prime and glory. Everyone who watched this movie wanted an encore.

  6. "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button" This DVD of 2008 was truly one of a kind. This is a must see for anyone who hasn't had the pleasure of watching this curious movie. It's a very interesting case of a man who ages backwards.

  7. "Cloverfield" This DVD of 2008 was especially entertaining. This film was a depiction of a couple on New Year's Eve when a strange alien creature tears through New York. The film was recorded with a single camera to give a "home video" feel to it.

  8. "Valkyrie" Tom Cruise at one of his finest moments in film. This movie is a depiction of the time of the Hitler era and how he must be taken down. It's an inspiring film and very touching.

  9. "Be Kind Rewind" This DVD rental of 2008 was sure to make anyone laugh a few good times. It's about two friends who work in a movie store, accidently erase classic movies and then they remake them by request. It's a great story of communities coming together.

  10. "The Ruins" This DVD rental of 2008 was scary, suspenseful and pretty gruesome. However, it makes viewers skin crawl by watching vines and plants terrorize a group of friends on vacation. It's a new twist to an old scene.