The 10 best movies of the year 2009 are all those movies that kept you on the edge of your seat with non-stop thrills and action. These are movies that you will use to measure against any future movies that you see.

  1. "Up." Any Pixar/Disney film that can make a story where the lead character is a shriveled-up old man a massive box-office success surely deserves to come at number one as the best movie of 2009. A great story line about traveling and finding yourself also help make this really enjoyable.

  2. "The Hurt Locker." This second-best movie of the year 2009 was up for a few Oscars, and rightly so. About a bunch of US soldiers in Iraq, "The Hurt Locker" is an examination of the psychological factors for war and those who partake in it. Quite an appropriate movie for the times.

  3. "Inglourious Basterds." The third-best movie of 2009 because it was a Quentin Tarantino vehicle, "Inglourious Basterds" features a stellar cast of well-known actors first and foremost, which makes it work on that alone. Moreover, this movie also pulls out its crazy angle and plot in such a convincing fashion that it will leave you wondering how it achieved that.

  4. "Adventureland." "Adventureland" just sneaks in here at number four on this list of the 10 best movies of 2009 because it is one of those hidden and rare gems. If you dislike Kristen Stewart in her typecast role as Bella from the "Twilight" movies, then watch her here in a more low-key role that is more enjoyable due to its examination of what makes certain people...those people.

  5. "District 9." Sleeper hits don't get more sleeper-y than "District 9," and it surely was the surprise hit of 2009, good enough to land it as the fifth-best movie of the year 2009. Its plot starts out as a mock documentary set in Johannesburg, but then explodes into an all-out science-fiction melee by the midpoint and end of the film.

  6. "500 Days of Summer." Starring the now-grown kid from "3rd Rock from the Sun," this sixth-best movie of the year 2009 is another great way to take break from all the brainless explosion movies...and take in something more thoughtful and introspective about human nature. If you've ever fallen into the trap of falling for somebody, putting your emotions ahead of rational thought, then this is the movie for you.

  7. "Jennifer's Body." While "Jennifer's Body" was widely panned (and Megan Fox's acting, too), it is actually its craziness and near-absurdity that make it perversely watchable! A good way to view this film is by looking at it as kind of a cross between a real horror movie, but with some teen angst thrown in just for the heck of it.

  8. "The Invention of Lying." "The Invention of Lying" is, sadly, another overlooked movie from 2009, and it starred comedian Ricky Gervais in a role that was humorous and memorable. Furthermore, this movie was great for those who like their films to have a deeper, secondary meaning or message that you have to analyze just a little harder to really figure out.

  9. "Sherlock Holmes." While Robert Downey Jr. may these days best be known at Iron Man from the "Iron Man" franchise of Marvel Comics movies, his piece of acting in "Sherlock Holmes" was unexpectedly strong and persuasive. This made for an overall likeable movie. Also look for Jude Law as Holmes' sidekick.

  10. "Up in the Air." "Up in the Air" makes this list just because the story of a corporate headhunter traveling the country to lay off workers is so appropriate for the economy today! Starring George Clooney, this is the movie to watch if you really hate Corporate America and are jealous of them.