The 10 best movies of the year 2008 are all those movies that help you to remember 2008 fondly. They are all those movies from 2008 that allow you to kick back, take a couple of hours for yourself, and laugh, cry or just get caught up in the action.

  1. "Cloverfield." "Cloverfield" takes the top spot as the best movie of the year 2008 because it is an unexpected hit! It features a basically no-name cast and the unique concept of first-person camera angles for much of the film, and it still pulls off what is the story of a rampaging monster in a big metropolis.

  2. "The Dark Knight." "The Dark Knight" only takes the second-spot on this list of the best movies of 2008 because it was over-hyped like crazy, but beneath that hype was probably the best superhero-comic book film of all time. Heath Ledger's performance as the Joker doesn't steal the show; it is in fact Christian Bale as Batman who does.

  3. "There Will Be Blood." The third-best movie of the year 2008, "There Will Be Blood" stars perennial Oscar-favorite Daniel Day-Lewis as a hungry and greedy oilman. This movie is loosely based on the oil boom of California more than a century ago, so it also teaches about history.

  4. "Australia." "Australia" was unfortunately a movie that was overlooked and derided as something close to a flop, but that was only due to unrealistic expectations. Underneath it all, the performances by Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman are solid as can be. Throw in war and some romance, and you've got a good movie!

  5. "Frost/Nixon." This is the film to watch if you are excited over political movies. This film revisits the interview/confrontation between David Frost and former president Richard Nixon. What makes this film stand out are the performances by the actors who really get into their historical characters.

  6. "Hellboy II: The Golden Army." This sixth-best movie of the year 2008 really got screwed over by its awful release date: right around the time of "The Dark Knight." Released at any other time in the year, this comic book-action movie would have torn it up at the box office!

  7. "High School Musical 3." Remember how powerful and seemingly omnipotent this franchise series of movies was just a few years ago? Well, "High School Musical 3" was the final installment, and to celebrate it, Disney released this straight to theaters. A good diversion if you have a lot of teen girls who need to kill time.

  8. "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull." This is the eighth-best movie of 2008--just because it features the return of Indy! Harrison Ford may be aged and over-the-hill in his role as the adventurer, but that's why producers included youngster Shia LaBeouf in this film. To breathe some younger blood into the franchise.

  9. "Iron Man." "Iron Man" sort of re-launched Robert Downey Jr.'s career as a comic book action hero, and he succeeds nicely as billionaire Tony Stark and his role as a superhero. Also look for Gwyneth Paltrow as Stark/Iron Man's gal pal. If you want a huge, explosive-laden, and thrilling blockbuster-popcorn movie, then you've found it here.

  10. "Juno." "Juno" is today a cult-hit movie that has a strong if not fanatical following, and it was a surprise, modest hit in 2008. It stars Ellen Page as a misjudging teen girl who lets herself get knocked up...but then in a fit of siding with the Culture of Life...actually decides to keep her baby.