The 10 best movies of the 1980’s were all box office blockbusters with all star casting. Many of the best 1980 movies are considered classics today.

  1. ET The Extra Terrestrial” Steven Spielberg directed this blockbuster movie about a little boy named Elliott (Henry Thomas) who finds a stranded alien and decides to bring him home and hide him. A very young Drew Barrymore plays the five year old sister Gertie. The movie is funny, endearing, and a tear jerker.

  2. Raiders of the Lost Ark” A sensational action adventure directed by Steven Spielberg starring Harrison Ford as the adventurou Indiana Jones. Karen Allen plays Marion Ravenwood, a former lover of Indiana, who is sucked into his latest intrigue with Nazis stealing the world’s treasures. Great action fun.

  3. The Empire Strikes Back”. Part of the Star Wars Trilogy starring Harrison Ford as Han Solo, Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker, and Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia. Princess Leia, Han Solo, R2 D2, and C3PO are captured by Lord Darth Vader while Luke is away receiving Jedi training from Yoda (muppet with the voice of Frank Oz). The trilogy is must see sci-fi adventure.

  4. TootsieDustin Hoffman playing duo characters, Michael Dorsey, a self righteous misfit actor, and Dorothy Michael, soap star. Michael’s acting and personal life fails until he puts on a dress and gets a role on a soap opera as a woman. Hoffman is excellent.

  5. A Christmas Story” Classic Christmas tale about a little boy named Ralphie (Peter Billingsley) who want a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas and every adult has the same reaction, “you’ll shoot your eye out”. This charming story unfolds on a background of life as a kid in the 1940’s in a Midwestern town.

  6. Rain Man” Tom Cruise plays narcissistic yuppie Charlie Babbitt who is stunned to learn his estranged father left his fortune to his autistic brother Raymond, brilliantly acted by Dustin Hoffman, who Charlie didn’t know existed. Cruise stepped up his performance in this film.

  7. Top Gun” Tom Cruise stars as cocky rebellious fighter pilot Maverick who learns about life the hard way after becoming involved with his flight teacher Charlie played by Kelly McGillis. The photography is reminiscent of a video game.

  8. Karate Kid” Daniel Larusso played by Ralph Macchio moves from Jersey to California with his mother and is tormented by bullies in his new school until Japanese maintenance man Kesuke Miyagi (Pat Morita) agrees to teach him Karate to defend himself. The movie concludes with an exciting Karate competition. Endearing film about personal growth.

  9. Die Hard” John McClane (Bruce Willis) is an indestructible New York cop who runs head on into terrorists while visiting his estranged wife Holly (Bonnie Bedelia) in Los Angeles. Great fun watching McClane single handedly take down a group of determined terrorists led by Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman). Great supporting cast.

  10. Dirty Dancing" Patrick Swayze shows off his dancing talent as street wise dance teacher Johnny Castle with dancing partner Baby Houseman (Jennifer Grey) in this blockbuster Oscar winning movie about first love.