It is difficult to name the ten best movies in 2011 mainly because it hasn’t happened yet. So, without box office sales to quote or interviews from groupies, this article will do the next best thing. Below is a list of ten of the best movies to see in 2011. If you enjoy thrillers, horror and adventure these ten films premiering in 2011 are for you. Check it out and then check out these 2011 films. You may even match this list against your personal favorite 2011 films. Just remember, the release dates provides are only tentative, and are subject to change.

  1. “Sucker Punch” (in IMAX too) March 25, 2011: Hot chick with sword highlights this action fantasy. Brought to you by Zach Snyder and stars the very delicious Emily Browning. A must see movie for 2011.

  2. “I am Number Four” February 18, 2010: a 2011 movie where nine aliens flee to earth only to find the ones that want them dead followed them to earth. This is an action, sci-fi 2011 film starring Alex Pettyfer.

  3. “X-Men First Class” June 3, 2011: 20th Century Fox X-men prequel exploring the origins of Magneto and Professor X. Directed by Matthew Vaughn and adapted form the original marvel comic.

  4. “The Green Lantern” June 17, 2011: Ryan Reynolds brings you the epic superher Green Lantern. First of its kind of this caliber for this beloved super hero, much is expected from this 2011 film.

  5. “Transformers: The Dark Moon” July 1, 2011: So sad, no sexy Megan Fox, but Rosie Huntington-Whiteley fills in nicely. Another Michael Bay masterpiece on the way, filled with action, adventure and just good fun.

  6. “The Rite” January 28, 2011: Based on the novel “The Rite: The Making of a Modern Exorcist” promises to be creepy with Anthony Hopkins on board. This films looks to be a good horror, thriller with much to offer the genre.

  7. “The Thing” April 29, 2011: This movie for 2011 is a horror classic and the remake puts a modern twist on it. Should be good fun and stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead of "Scott Pilgrim" fame.

  8. “Cowboys and Aliens” July 29, 2011: Isn’t the title enough to raise your interest? This is a great concept, aliens set in the old west against blood thirsty gunslingers. This movie for 2011 is a graphic novel adaptation and stars Daniel Craig.

  9. “Apollo 18” March 4, 2011: Shot in documentary style, this 2011 horror film looks at alien life on the moon, and has potential to be a cult hit among horror fans.

  10. “The Hangover Part II” May 26, 2011: Ok, the first film was a breakthrough in movie making. Part two, also with the same cast, promises to be a riot!