There’s one underlying theme in all of the 10 best movies from the '90s. It’s a great storyline – which is missing in many of today’s popular movies, like “Twilight.” There’s a reason they’re so memorable. Great actors who can actually act and excellent screenplays make for a great movie night, any night.

  1. “Shawshank Redemption” Stephen King’s novel of redemption is anything but horrific, except for the fact that the lead character was wrongfully imprisoned for decades. Morgan Freeman plays a tough-as-nails mentor to Tim Robbins, who ends up getting out through a tunnel he spent years digging.

  2. “The Green Mile” Stephen King really knows how to write them, as he proved in “Shawshank Redemption” and again in “The Green Mile.” This time, the ending isn’t so happy. The innocent man dies, but he restores many lives through supernatural means during his incarceration.

  3. “Saving Private Ryan” In what is arguably one of the greatest movies of all time, and certainly one of the best movies from the '90’s, Tom Hanks, Vin Diesel and Barry Pepper play soldiers who land in France and blast their way across the German front, losing many soldiers and friends along the way.

  4. “Mickey Blue Eyes” James Caan and Hugh Grant are humorous and witty in one of the best movies from the '90’s. Caan plays a mafia thug whose daughter is about to marry the innocent Hugh Grant. Murder and intrigue ensue in comical ways and end with a fake shootout.

  5. “Get Shorty” Gene Hackman is brilliant as the supposedly most stupid player in the whole movie. John Travolta shows that he’s packed on a few pounds–and a little animosity–since his “Saturday Night Fever” day,s as a loan shark who has a bone to pick with Hackman and his movie company.

  6. “My Best Friend’s Wedding” Julia Roberts goes to great lengths to break up the wedding of her longtime, off-and-on lover to a rich 20-year-old upstart who’s still in college. She doesn’t get away with it, though, which is what makes it one of the best movies from the '90’s.

  7. “Just Cause” Sean Connery impresses with more than just his Scottish accent and dry James Bond humor in this court thriller. A string of murders down south seems to point to one of two suspects, but the killer gets released and gives Sean a run for his family’s lives.

  8. “That Thing You Do” Tom Hanks and Tom Everett Scott play manager and songwriter in the tale of a 1960’s band headed by an arrogant crooner and glued together by said crooner’s sweet girlfriend, Liv Tyler.

  9. “Big Daddy” Adam Sandler just can’t seem to get responsible. He tries to ride the deadbeat train as long as possible after winning a lawsuit and thinks that bringing a little boy into his life will make him an automatic chick magnet. It’s definitely one of Sandler’s best movies from the '90’s.

  10. “Blue Streak” Martin Lawrence goes from ridin’ dirty to coppin’ around town after losing a diamond in a heist. He goes undercover as a police officer and gets away with it... until his partner finds out.