If you want to relive you high school and college glory days, check out these 10 best movies for teenagers. The films on this list are full of teenage angst, drama, and young love. Watch these films with a group of friends that you’ve known since way back when.

  1. “American Pie” This movie from 1999 quickly made its mark due to a controversial apple pie scene. The movie was about more than pie sex, though; the film tells the story of a group of boys on a soul-searching quest to lose their virginity before college. The crazy adventures that follow make it one of the best movies for teenagers.

  2. “The Breakfast Club” This iconic film from the 1980s defined what it meant to be a teenager and stuck in the stereotype of a jock or nerd. Five teenagers from opposite sides of the high school social spectrum serve detention together and leave forever changed.

  3. “Can’t Hardly Wait” This movie chronicles the most important night in a teenager’s life: the last day of high school and impending graduation. Seen from both the cool and awkward kids’ perspectives, viewers watch the characters take hold of their destinies and fulfill their high school wish list. 

  4. “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” This classic movie directed by Cameron Crowe and starring Sean Penn among other famous actors took a raunchy, fun look at high school in a Southern California 1980’s community. Penn’s stoner character was the classic slacker that everybody knew in high school. The realistic depictions of its teen characters make it one of the best teenager movies.

  5. “Clueless” Alicia Silverstone made Jane Austen cool for teenagers by adapting the novel “Emma” into a movie about shopping, teen sex, and L.A. high school life. Silverstone plays Cher, a lovable but ditzy blonde who tries to matchmaker for her dysfunctional classmates. The hilarity of her escapades makes this one of the best movies for teenagers.

  6. “Donnie Darko” This dark indie movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal is a good alternative to more predictable teen movies. It’s also a film best understood by teenagers despite its complex, philosophical meandering. The movie captures the alienation and indifference felt by many teenagers towards the adults in their lives.

  7. “Dazed and ConfusedThis best movie for teenagers that was set in the 1970’s was one of Ben Affleck’s first movies. Matthew McConaughey also steals the show, and the movie depicts a high school class in a small town that listened to vinyls, had clique initiations, and worshiped football.

  8. “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” Matthew Broderick’s Ferris Bueller stands as one of the most iconic teenagers in cinematic history. As the smooth talking, but lovable teen who plays hookie from school to take his friends out to Chicago, he is the epitome of cool. He steals the show at a city parade and still manages to foil his parents, sister, and school principal. John Hughes’ classic, carefree depiction of high school days makes it one of the best movies for teenagers.

  9. “Mean Girls” This movie starred Lindsay Lohan before she became a walking train wreck. The script by Tina Fey, mocks all the ridiculousness of modern high school, from the popular “plastics” to playing dumb so that you can attract guys. Most teenagers can relate to Lohan’s character, making this one of the best movies for teenagers.

  10. “Grease” The actors may have been closer to their 30’s than their teens, but this musical encapsulated all the important high school memories: the first day of school, prom, young love, being popular, and even getting accidentally knocked up. This best teenage movie will have you singing and reliving the old days.