Selecting a movie for date-night can be a daunting task, which is why having a list of the 10 best movies for couples is a must. You don't want to pick the tear-jerker chick flick and look like a wuss but you also don't want to sit down to three hours of Apocalypse Now. Heres a few movies sure to satisfy both parties:

  1. "50 First Dates" This one straddles that fine line between chick flick and non-chick flick. "50 First Dates" is with no doubt romantic but features enough comical moments to keep it fun for both.

  2. "The Girl Next Door" Romantic comedies are always a great pick for dates as they not only get her in the mood but they're fun to watch. "The Girl Next Door" features plenty of steamy sex scenes to help your cause.

  3. "Back to the Future" Marty McFly plays the coolest kid you've ever known in "Back to the Future". While not a romantic movie, this classic is sure to bring back childhood memories and put her in a great mood.

  4. "Risky Business" This film brought Tom Cruise to fame and glory because its one of the most solid performances of the 1980s. Revive this classic for one of the best movies for couples.

  5. "Grandma's Boy" Non-stop laughs will ensue with this pot-smoke filled film by Happy Madison Productions. A romantic theme is present in "Grandma's Boy" with plenty of low brow humor that allows you to expend less energy thinking and more energy working your game.

  6. "Raiders of the Lost Ark" Th Indiana Jones series is a childhood classic that is filled with laughs, some romantic tension and plenty of action. This film is with no doubt one of the best movies for couples.

  7. "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" So what happens when two spies, who happen to be married, are assigned contracts to kill each other? Exactly what you'd expect. Hilarity ensues in this romantic comedy starring Brad Pit and Angelina Jolie, which makes for a perfect date movie.

  8. "The Goonies" Childhood classics always make for one of the best couples movies as they are sure to put you both in a good mood after, which if you're lucky, may lead to post-movie action. Just don't eat too much popcorn or you may be doing end up doing the Truffle Shuffle all the way upstairs.

  9. "The Wedding Singer" Adam Sandler's antics in "The Wedding Singer" are nothing short of hilarious as he wins over the heart of the engaged Julia. Heres a movie that's funny enough to make up for its underlying sappy plot.

  10. "Father of the Bride" All women love this Steve Martin classic. Watching Martin try to chase after his family and pregnant daughter makes for one of the best movies for couples.