If you're trying to find the 10 best movies coming out Summer 2011, then this guide should prove to be quite useful to you. A summer for movies has never looked this good. Summer 2011 sees superheroes, aliens, intelligent apes, vampires, the cast of "The Hangover," and even the grim reaper himself storming theaters this time around. These potential movies due out in Summer 2011 look very promising. Grab a bag of popcorn and a soda, it's going to be one long and entertaining summer.


  1. "Captain America: The First Avenger." Perhaps one of the most anticipated superhero adaptations over recent years, "Captain America: The FIrst Avenger" is quite possibly the most interesting and perhaps the best movie coming out Summer 2011. Could Captain America be back for good this time?

  2. "The Hangover: Part II." The decade's most original comedy has spawned a sequel with the returning cast members and a brand new setting in Bangkok this time around where they attend Stu's wedding. Also returning is Mike Tyson and there's new cameos from Paul Giamatti and even Bill Clinton.

  3. "Super 8." Following on the heels of his success with the monster mash that was "Cloverfield," J.J. Abrams teases us once more with a new creature in "Super 8." Inspired by Steven Spielberg's alien flicks (i.e. "E.T."), the film is tightly under wraps but it has something to do with Area 51 and aliens.

  4. "Cowboys and Aliens." Amidst this batch of great movies coming out Summer 2011 is "Cowboys and Aliens." Based on the graphic novel of the same name, Daniel Craig plays a loner who awakens with a strange shackle on his wrist and an advanced enemy attacks the West from the skies.

  5. "Caesar: Rise of the Apes." Could this latest adaptation of "Planet of the Apes" be the one that we have all been waiting for? After a failed attempt in 2001, this version uses a different approach by focusing on the early beginning and showing how the apes came to be. This is certainly one of the best movies coming out Summer 2011.

  6. "Thor." Secondary to alien invasion flicks, there is of course the superhero movie genre which is still growing strong after ten years straight. As a homecoming of sorts to the upcoming 'Avengers' flick, we have the film adaptation of "Thor" with Chris Hemsworth in the titular role. 

  7. "The Darkest Hour." It's official, alien invasion movies are in right now. So far, we've had "Skyline" and "Monsters" then there's the upcoming "Battle: Los Angeles" in March. "The Darkest Hour" follows a group of teens trying to evade an alien invasion in Russia. This will make for a nice change of setting.

  8. "X-Men: First Class." The upcoming film in the "X-Men" franchise happens to be a prequel set during the 60's and will revolve around the relationship between Professor X and Magneto as well as the origin of their clans. There hasn't been an X-Men film since 2006, but after seeing "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," do we really need a prequel? Nevertheless, this is among the most anticipated movies coming out Summer 2011.

  9. "Fright Night." This remake of the 1985 original film is among one of the most anticipated movies coming out Summer 2011. The lead role this time around is played by Anton Yelchin while the neighboring vampire is played by Colin Farrell. Could the remake possibly be as good as the original or will it ruin it?

  10. "Final Destination 5." These films have become increasingly repetitive with each sequel, however, that doesn't stop us from wanting to be entertained by its dazzling special effects and the death sequences that make this series so popular. This time we have an incident on a suspension bridge as the centerpiece of the story and everything is in 3D.