Video games have become more popular in mainstream entertainment since the 90's, and these 10 best movies based on video games are a testament to their growing mainstream popularity. The average age for people who play video games has changed from 10 years old, to the average age of 25 years of age, so movies have been made to direct interest to this age group over the years. 

  1. "Mortal Combat." Though made in 1995, Mortal Combat has become a favorite video game movie, even in 2010. In the movie, and video game, the best martial artist's from around the world have been gathered together to compete in a deadly tournament that will decide the fate of the world, and its many dimensions.  

  2. "Lora Croft: Tomb Raider." Released in 2001, the movie "Tomb Raider" is based off of a game that is popular for it's sexy main character Lora Croft, and its mind boggling obstacles. The movie became popular instantly when the main character was announced to be played by the sexy Angelina Jolie. 

  3. "Resident Evil." Released in 2002, the "Resident Evil" movie is based off of the Resident Evil game series that brought the zombie fetish back from the dead. With actresses like Milla Jovovich and Michelle Rodriguez, the "Resident Evil" movie was an instant hit for the video game enthusiasts, and steamy action fans alike. 

  4. "Silent Hill." Silent Hill was a less known video game that attracted a lot more fame from the "Silent Hill" movie in 2006. The movie, and game, is about a woman that wanders into a strange town to find her lost daughter, only to find terror in her stead. 

  5. "Max Payne." Released in 2008, The movie "Max Payne" was based on a popular computer game in which Max Payne has to solve mysteries about the murders that are occurring in his city, New York. 

  6. "Deadspace: Downfall." Released in late 2008, the animated movie "Deadspace: Downfall" is a terrifying prequel to the video game, Deadspace. The game and movie are based off of a group of religious followers that worship a strange artifact known as "the marker." When the captain of the ship brings the marker aboard, strange things begin to happen to the people aboard. 

  7. "Super Mari Brothers." Released in 1993, the "Super Mario Brothers" movie is based off of, you guessed it, Super Mario Brothers the game. The live action film is about the Super Mario Brothers, Mario and Luigi, trying to save their princess from Koopa. 

  8. "Pokemon the First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back." Made in 1999 during the rise of the Pokemon epidemic, "Pokemon: the First Movie" came out right after the popular video game, Pokemon Red. The "Pokemon" movie is about a group of scientists that attempt to clone the single most powerful Pokemon in the world, but create something much worse. The Mewtwo is smart, so it knows, and hates it's creation. In a rage, the Mewtwo kills its makers, and proceeds to plan the destruction of Earth. Will Ash Ketchem and his friends be able to stop Mewtwo before he destroys mankind?

  9. "Prince of Persia: Sands of Time." Released in 2010, "The Prince of Persia" movie is based off of the video game series, The Prince of Persia. The movie takes place in Persia, where the Prince and a Princess fight to protect an ancient artifact that allows its possessor to control time, and rule Persia. 

  10. "Hitman." The movie "Hitman" was released in 2007, and is based off of the same-titled video game. The movie "Hitman" is about a hired killer whos emotions stir in the way of his goal. What happens when a hired hand doesn't fulfill his work?